Play-By-Playmate: Winning At All Costs

By Jaime Edmondson

Jaime blogs about the winning ways of three professional sports teams.

The saying ‘all is fair in love and war’ also applies to sports, especially from what I witnessed over the past week.

There are many ways to winning in team sports, but there were three styles in particular that garnered headlines across the NFL and MLB over the last week. Here’s my take:

New York Giants: Winning By “Cheating”

When it comes to the Monday Night Football incident that had been talked about all week, and drew the ire of the league office, players faking injuries really does not come as a shock to me. I fully believe that players are taught this. Players, especially on defense, if they’re not catching any breaks, they’re going to find one somehow, someway. The Giants were getting worked over at that point in the game. The Rams were running a hurry-up offense and New York needed a break. I actually believe in doing what it takes to win, so if you want to fake an injury and have people call that cheating, whatever. I think that’s what helped the Giants hold on to that game. Now, two players going down at the same time, I don’t agree with that. That’s embarrassing and blatant.

Arizona Diamondbacks: From Worst to First by Hard Work

You have to feel good about a team like the Diamondbacks, a team that’s achieved success all on their own. Even if they go out in the first round of the playoffs, their plight from a 97-loss season of a year ago to division champs this season must be acknowledged and applauded, regardless of who you root for. The D-Backs have done it all through hard work, basically the same payroll and a few personnel changes, none of which were blockbuster deals but were still enough to make Kevin Towers the favorite for General Manger of the Year.

Tampa Bay Rays: Capitalizing Off Another Team’s Misfortunes

It looks more and more like the Boston Red Sox are about to become the first team in history to lose a 10-game Wild Card lead to the hot Tampa Bay Rays. The Rays could have just rolled over a month ago. But they never gave up. They still believed. They plugged away, and here they are, right on the cusp of the postseason. Boston, meanwhile, had history on its side but has not played to the best of its ability. A hungry team like the Rays were there to pounce on the opportunity.

Play-By-Playmate Fantasy Football

So Week 3 is just about wrapped up and after this week’s loss to Tom Selleck’s Mustache, my Nice TDs team will fall to 1-2. Three teams entered the week undefeated—Plaxidental Shooting, F o M and Titties and Beer—and barring a lights-out performance by Tony Romo for F o M, it looks like Plaxidental Shooting, owned by, will be the only undefeated team heading into Week 4. Keep up on the Play-By-Playmate league here.


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