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Playboy Advisor: Double the Pleasure
  • July 05, 2014 : 06:07
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I recently started dating a girl who, I swear, fakes orgasms. They’re what I would call “porn perfect”: head thrown back, much shouting of “Oh God,” “Yes” and “Give it to me” followed by “That was so good, baby.” She actually initiates sex more often than I do, so I don’t want to jinx it and ask her if she’s pretending. Why would she fake an orgasm and still want to have sex with me?

—G.I., Madison, Wisconsin

More women fake orgasms than you may realize. According to Planned Parenthood, as many as one out of three women has trouble experiencing orgasms during intercourse. A recent study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior explored the motivations behind the faked orgasm by polling approximately 400 women and determined they fake it for various reasons. In addition to the obvious “Let’s get it over with” motivation, women fake it to overcome feelings of self-consciousness, to make a partner feel gratified and to increase their own arousal (a sort of fake-it-till-you-make-it approach), among other reasons. Men tend to obsess about the female orgasm. We suggest you take a journey-is-the-destination approach and appreciate the fact that you have a willing and able partner.


My wife of many years is normally a sedate and quiet person, but when we’re making love she turns into something just short of a screaming banshee. Her shrieking usually reaches a crescendo when she starts climaxing, and her very loud and often profane exhortations echo off the bedroom walls. It doesn’t bother me, but my wife is usually mortified after we’ve finished. At times my next-door neighbor has grinned at me knowingly. Do you think it’s advisable to ask her to try to cool it, or should I keep my mouth shut and let her continue to enjoy herself—and continue to amuse the neighbors?

—J.S., Carmel, California

The fact that after many years of marriage you guys are still having eardrum-popping sex is to be commended. Even if you asked her to quiet down, we’re not sure it would work—have you ever been able to control your orgasm face? To quote your wife, “Don’t stop.”


Just how identical are identical twins in terms of their bodies? Do identical female twins have the same size, shape and color areolae? Do identical male twins have the same penis shape and size (both flaccid and erect)?
—D.Q., Reno, Nevada

Identical twins are not as identical as previously thought. We all know anecdotally that there are subtle differences between twins. Rare is the carbon copy as judged by the naked eye. It was long believed that identical twins had the exact same genetic makeup and that behavioral and environmental influences caused the physical characteristics of twins to diverge over time. But recent research has shown that the DNA sequencing itself can differ slightly between twins. It’s highly unlikely a perfectly identical pair exists, but please drop us a line if you can prove us wrong.

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