Month in Review: February

By Staff

<p>Our February Month in Review video is here, highlighting the best moments from our alluring Cybergirls, Amateurs, Special Editions and Playmates. </p>

February is behind us, the days are getting longer and the mercury is slowly (oh so slowly) climbing. Throughout the nation it’s been one of the fiercest winters in memory. Now that it’s March and spring is springing, most of us just want to forget the cold months of yore. That said, we have something that’ll make you miss February and wish it was longer than 28 days: our February Month in Review video! Featuring some of the hottest moments from our alluring Cybergirls, Amateurs, Special Editions and Playmates, this best-of video is a rollicking two minute and 30 second adventure in sensuality.


Experience blonde dream Nikki Leigh posing outside in the warm California sun dressed only in her bra and a hot set of Daisy Dukes… a pair of Daisy Dukes she starts to strip off. Roll around in bed with Samantha Leon and watch her shake her moneymaker for you. Sneak a peck on the lips from Ivy Ferguson as she works the kissing booth for her Valentine’s Day–themed shoot. All of this and more in the video above!

If you’re left wanting more, be sure to catch up with our December and January Months in Review.

In this video: Nikki Leigh, Samantha Leon, Carmen Vantini, Coxy, Ivy Ferguson, Leonela Ahumada, Lexi Marlow, Reby Sky, Szandra and Becky Roberts.


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