's Guide to Gift Giving: Friend

By Vanessa Butler

These gifts will do just the trick to show your bud you appreciate his legendary wingman work.

Whether you met him playing Cowboys and Indians as a kid, or while picking up women when you were in college, you think of this guy as more of a brother than a friend. He’s been there for you through the best of times, (like when you single-handedly won your frat house flip cup tournament) and he stuck by you through the worst (like when your girlfriend left you for her boss). These gifts will do the trick to show your bud you appreciate his legendary wingman work.

Geeky He still has his Atari gear and will dust it off to play Asteroids at the drop of a hat.

Under 100: iPhone Alarm Dock ($40)

Buy This If: Your friend enjoys incorporating classic design with high tech gadgets.

Over 100: ToyWatch USA Monochrome Chronograph ($275)

Buy This If:  Your friend takes pride in his wristwatch flare and you have a little extra cash left over to buy him something nice.

Jetsetter Your bud has a little black book that has almost every area code in the USA and Eastern Europe.

Under 100: Marc by Marc Jacobs Dopp Kit ($50)

Buy This If: Your buddy has an extra change of clothing with him at all times in case of spontaneous adventures.

Over 100: Narita iPad Case ($227)

Buy This If: He uses his iPad for more than just Angry Birds.

Sports Your girlfriend has put your best friend in the chore rotations since he is always over watching the game.

Under 100: Mulholland Brothers Golf Ball & Tee Holder ($70)

Buy This If: Your friend would rather hit the green than hit the clubs.

Over 100: Pens made from Fenway Park, Wrigley Field or Yankee Stadium ($170-260)

Buy This If: Your friend adds Yankees tickets to his yearly budget.

Lush He has the best liquor cabinet in town and doesn’t mind sharing the wealth.

Under 100: Whiskey Stones & Gift Set ($58)

Buy This If: Any good news calls for single malt scotch on the rocks.

Over 100: Forge de Laguiole Sommelier Corkscrew ($192)

Buy This If: Your friend takes his wine as seriously as he takes his golf score.

Foodie His passion for food goes way beyond barbequing on weekends.

Under 100: The Art of Living According to Joe Beef ($24)

Buy This If: He’s interested in perfecting the fine rustic cuisine found in one of the hottest restaurants today.

Over 100: Fuego Element Portable Gas Grill ($150)

Buy This If: He always has steak and tailgating on his mind.

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