's Guide to Gift Giving: Parents

By Vanessa Butler

They gave you the gift of life, now you're determined to give them a gift that doesn't suck.

They gave you the gift of life, now you’re determined to give them a gift that doesn’t suck. Deep down you know that dear old dad deserves more than a bottle of whisky and a pack of socks. Your mom, who clothed and fed you for at least 16 years, is worth more than a box of chocolates and slippers. As sons and daughters we occasionally forget that parents are actual people. They too have interests, likes, dislikes, personalities and yes, sex lives. Here is our list of the best gifts you’ll find this holiday season for Mom and Dad.


Your parents send you links from Reddit, spend their free time playing Tetris and don’t mind spending extra cash to have the latest gadgets.

Under 100: goPoint Technology GL1 OBD-II Accessory for iPhone/iPod/iPad ($90)

Buy This If: Your mom and dad love driving around in their convertible packed with the latest gadgets, no matter how uneasy it makes everyone.

Over 100: The Boxee Box by D-Link ($175)

Buy This If: TiVo changed their lives and Netflix is about to blow their minds.


Mom and dad forgot to tell you about their timeshare in Hawaii and have helped you develop quite an extensive collection of postcards from around the world.

Under 100: 6” Kindle ($79)

Buy This If: Their love isn’t enough to get them through a 3 hour layover in LAX.

Over 100: Logitech Alert™ 750i Indoor Master System ($330)

Buy This If: Your mom and dad spend more time away from their house than you do.

Health Nut

Your mom stopped making her heavenly green bean casserole when she read about the dangers of trans fat and your Dad has enough motivation to hit the gym at 5:30 am.

Under 100: NB 639 Fitness Headphones ($100)

Buy This If: They’re ready to take their mall walking to the next level.

Over 100: WiFi Bodyscale ($159)

Buy This If: They’ve never lost their lust for competitiveness or want to shed those extra pounds for their senior’s cruise.


Your mom never forgets to passive aggressively mention that your wife doesn’t know how to cook meatballs and your dad may or may not be sneaking slices of brie from the fridge.

Under 100: Prepara Herb Savor Pods Set of 3 ($30)

Buy This If: Your mom doesn’t believe the rough economy is a valid excuse to stop cooking every dish from scratch.

Over 100: Marky’s Aqua Caviar Gift Basket ($87)

Buy This If: Your parents love to indulge in the finer things in life.

Wine Connoisseur

Your mom and dad schedule their vacations around the harvest season.

Under 100: Metrokane V1 World’s First Vacuum Decanter ($67.50)

Buy This If: Your parents enjoy drinking their wine slowly instead of guzzling it down before the main course.

Over 100: Gold Medal Wine Club ($420-756)

Buy This If: You want to remind your parents what an amazing child you are  every month of the year.


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