's Guide To Gift Giving: Yourself

By Vanessa Butler

Given some rather odd gifts this year? We're here to help.

While Christmas is known for being the season of gift giving, spending time with loved ones and over indulging on vices, another custom that has come to fruition over the past few years is pretending to like crappy gifts you receive until you can exchange them. Bad gifts are something we all have to live with. So, if you’re stuck with a couple of shirts, gadgets and other odds and ends you know you won’t be using or are impossible to re-gift, we’ve compiled a list of things you can get in exchange.

What You Got: XXXL Metallica t-shirt ($20)

What You Can Get: Corkcicle

What You Got: President Obama Chia Pet ($40)

What You Can Get: Gears of War 3

What You Got: The complete collection of the Twilight Saga ($50)

What You Can Get: Universal Remote

What You Got: Night Vision Goggles ($60)

What You Can Get: Fossil Estate Tablet Sleeve

What You Got: Bulletproof Vest ($80)

What You Can Get: Leather Sheepskin Slippers

What You Got: A pack of ‘Winning’ Charlie Sheen T-Shirts ($100)

What You Can Get: Columbia Watch

What You Got: A Zune ($150)

What You Can Get: Keurig B-70 B70 Platinum Single-Cup Home Brewing System

What You Got: Louis Vuitton knock off man purse ($200)

What You Can Get: G Star Battle Grey Desert Jacket

What You Got: Margaritaville Mixer ($200)

What You Can Get: Diesel Praise Mesh Messenger Bag

What You Got: A Chinese Crested Puppy ($500)

What You Can Get: PlayStation 3D Display


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