& DraftKings' Sexy Fantasy Sports Girl: Who Will It Be?

By Staff

<p>Get in on the fantasy as we give three Playboy models the chance to become the DraftKings Fantasy Sports Girl.<br></p>

Here at, we’re big on getting in on fantasies. Usually, that means us helping you realize yours with our sexy videos and pictorials featuring beautiful Playboy models. But once in a while, another type of fantasy grabs our attention, and we have no choice but to go all the way with the hope of hitting the jackpot. This is one of those moments, and just in time for pro sports to kick into high gear.

“What’s the fantasy?” you ask.

It involves three Cybergirls, a lot of money and the chance for one girl to ride the fantasy all the way to a very special opportunity with and DraftKings, the reigning monarchs of online fantasy sports, who are giving you the chance to win a nice chunk of change playing fantasy baseball now.

Fantasy sports is traditionally more of a hobby, but DraftKings—a Boston-based startup with balls—have taken that model and turned up the heat by injecting the game with a little bit of cash.

It’s not exactly a niche market anymore, but if you’re not in on the one-day fantasy sports game, here’s a quick rundown.

DraftKings puts you in the hot seat: you’re the owner of your own pro sports franchise, and it’s your job to assemble the dream team, drawing from the pool of athletes currently active in that sport. Just like regular fantasy sports, your players accrue points based on how they perform in real life. The better your team does, the closer you get to winning money. Contests run just one day. So you pick your team, enter your contest and (hopefully) win cash. Next day, you start all over again. You don’t have to scramble to get your fantasy baseball lineup in for 162 games. At DraftKings, the stakes are high. They’ve given out nearly $6 million in prizes less than a year after launching, and the next big contest is on April 12th. There’s $150,000 on the line, but the chance to qualify early will only run you a buck.

Feel the heat rising? So do we. So we’re upping the ante once more. Remember that fantasy we had involving three Cybergirls? Consider it reality.

Next week, we’re throwing Cybergirls (and sports-loving hotties) Jade Bryce, Elena Romanova and Kari Nautique into the daily fantasy sports ring.

The girls will compete in one-day challenges on, and the girl with the best assets—and by that, we mean the best-performing team—becomes our Fantasy Sports Girl. There may even be a special audiovisual treat in it for you, too.

The action starts next week, but you can get in on the fantasy at now. This is your chance to win a piece of $150,000 with special value baked in specifically for readers. Check it out now.


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