Playboy Goes Back

By Playboy Staff

With the Net buzzing about Nike Air Mags, we bring back our sexy "Back to the Future" tribute.

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[9/8/2011 - Editor’s Note: We’re re-surfacing this piece from last fall in honor of Nike’s cryptic hints that they will actually be making the Nike Air Mags that Marty McFly wore in Back to the Future.]

Marty McFly’s time-surfing adventures in the iconic movie Back to the Future began on October 25, 1985. Over the past 25 years, Back to the Future has gone from film to trilogy to theme park ride, becoming a celebrated cultural touchstone along the way. Albert Einstein’s theories about time travel may be more scientifically sound, but they aren’t as widely quoted as the outrageous theories of Back to the Future’s scientiest Dr. Emmett “Doc” Brown. For a generation of people, 1.21 gigawatts, 88 mph and flux capacitors are time travel. And Einstein? Well, that’s just the name of Doc Brown’s dog.

In honor of the 25th anniversary of the very date when Back to the Future took place in the original film, is celebrating the tricked-out DeLorean, the time-travel technology and memorable fashions from the films. We asked Playmate Kimberly Philips and Playboy Radio host and Cyber Girl Jessica Danielle Hall to fill the shoes of Marty and “Doc.” We then asked Electric Heat’s crack illustrator Nigel Evan Dennis to create downloadable wallpapers that bring these epic moments to life. We hope you’ll agree: These are the sexiest memories of the Future you’ll ever have.

Photographer: Jared Ryder Illustrator: Nigel Evan Dennis Producer: Ben Garbe


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