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Playboy Interview: Pete Wentz
  • March 06, 2008 : 00:03
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PLAYBOY: That makes 100 percent.

WENTZ: I’ll be honest; that’s very depressing because it’s only 20 percent Fall Out Boy, and I actually do Fall Out Boy 100 percent of the time. It’s the thing I work hardest at. It hurts because I don’t want to be the guy who drives to Ralph’s and pushes the grocery cart behind his wife.

PLAYBOY: Like Kevin Federline?

WENTZ: Exactly! I do work hard.

PLAYBOY: Now that you’re married will Fall Out Boy songs be less angry and morose?

WENTZ: I think everyone expects this to be a happy record. I don’t know that it is, because a lot of the lyrics are from before I met Ashlee. The celebrity blogs will assume every song is about her. But usually when people think I’m writing about a girl, I’m writing about something else.

PLAYBOY: What are your pet names for each other?

WENTZ: She calls me Petenut Butter, and I call her Kit Kat because when she was in London that’s what she liked to eat.

PLAYBOY: Very cute. You also said you two have different musical tastes. Are there any songs she won’t let you play in the house?

WENTZ: Lil Wayne has this song “Sky’s the Limit” where he says, “When I was five my favorite movie was the Gremlins. That ain’t got shit to do with this.” Ashlee couldn’t listen to it anymore. She said, “The words don’t make sense!” That was banned.

PLAYBOY: Did you and Ashlee sign a prenup?

WENTZ: We did one after the wedding. I think Jessica might not have had one, and that made her whole divorce pretty messy. A prenup is about the most unromantic thing you can do around your wedding, but there were no disagreements. What you bring into a marriage is yours, and what you make together is something you divide.

PLAYBOY: Are you and Ashlee having a boy or a girl?

WENTZ: We know with 90 percent accuracy that it’s a boy, and our due date is around Thanksgiving. We don’t have any names yet. My friend Andrew said, “Your kid has to have a name that would fit either a rock star or a senator.”

PLAYBOY: Do you know where and when the baby was conceived?

WENTZ: Ashlee claims to know a specific night when we were in New York. She was off her pill for two or three days before it happened.

PLAYBOY: Wow. You’re firing howitzers.

WENTZ: I’ve got to say, my dudes were working great! Tony Romo said to me, “I did not know you had it in you.”

PLAYBOY: It’s difficult to imagine you hanging out with the Dallas Cowboys quarterback.

WENTZ: I like Tony a lot. He’s a rad dude, and we’re both into Guns N’ Roses. Magazines always like to use pictures of us together: “Tony wears Nikes, but Pete’s checking out Balenciaga bags.”

PLAYBOY: That’s a clever way for them to allude to the Pete-is-gay rumors.

WENTZ: Because I was on the cover of Out people love to be like, “Oh, that means he’s gay.” I’m all for gay marriage, but that doesn’t really make me gay either. If I were, getting married and having a kid is, like, the world’s craziest beard. I don’t think it would hurt me if I were gay, to be honest. I don’t think I’d lose fans. At this point it would be easier for me to be gay, you know?

PLAYBOY: Are you done kissing guys?

WENTZ: Yeah, thank God. I’m done kissing everybody but my wife.

PLAYBOY: Despite all the attention you get from the paparazzi, you shot the most famous photos of you—with your dick in your hand and a Morrissey album in the background.

WENTZ: The day those photos came out they were Googled more than the war in Iraq, which is fucking crazy. Had I known that was going to happen, I would have manscaped a little bit.

PLAYBOY: Is it a favorable photo?

WENTZ: Does it show off the gear? [laughs] I guess so. I could have worse equipment; I could have better. When we go on tour, we take gang showers because that’s usually what they have backstage in an arena. The great thing is, now I’m not scared to go in the shower or walk around naked in front of people. And Ashlee knew what the equipment looked like before she got involved with it.

PLAYBOY: Pink Is the New Blog wrote that Fall Out Boy wouldn’t be as famous without the nude photos.

WENTZ: That’s the first thing I would assume: That dude probably just wanted to be famous. The pictures were intended for a girl. I don’t know how they got out, but I have no way of proving that. I’ll tell you one thing: It’s not worth it. I’ve always said I want Fall Out Boy to be the biggest band on the planet, but at the same time I wasn’t looking to shop pictures of myself naked.

PLAYBOY: Do you wish you had Photoshopped the pictures to make the gear a little bigger?

WENTZ: My wife’s happy with it, and that’s all that matters. At the time I was just embarrassed. I thought, Did my mom see it?

PLAYBOY: Your mom was the first one to see your gear.

WENTZ: But it has changed since she last saw it, thank God. I just don’t know that I need to have my mom see naked pictures of me hanging out in front of a Morrissey record. My mom’s got a Google alert for me on her computer. Her only reaction was “Be more careful.”

PLAYBOY: So what do the people who don’t like you say about you?

WENTZ: “Oh, Pete’s a fucking dick.” I get called a sellout pretty often. But I don’t do things just for the payday. I did a Gap ad. The clothes were things I was wearing at the time.

PLAYBOY: What did the Gap pay you?

WENTZ: Off the record?

PLAYBOY: On the record.

WENTZ: I get paid more to deejay for one night than the Gap paid me.

PLAYBOY: Aren’t you already set for life?

WENTZ: I’m far from being secure. I worry about mortgage payments, I eat leftovers, I buy the generic versions of things at the supermarket, I buy certified pre-owned cars.

PLAYBOY: Do you clip coupons?

WENTZ: I would, but I don’t think I get a newspaper.

PLAYBOY: You mentioned Fall Out Boy being called the kings of emo. Is that a title you like?

WENTZ: I’m not embracing it or rejecting it. I think about us as the Lemon Generation—like making lemonade out of lemons. We have safe lives, and we’re not worried about the Cold War; a lot of us aren’t worried about where our next meal is coming from. Our war is boredom. That doesn’t mean you can’t have mental illness or be upset that your parents are getting divorced or that the girl you love doesn’t love you.

PLAYBOY: So even if the music sounds self-indulgent and whiny, it helps fans understand that other people share the same problems?

WENTZ: This counterculture allows you to figure out who you are. I don’t see kids going right from high school to being married or going from college right into law school. Ninety-nine percent of my friends are still figuring out what they’re doing. We’ve realized we don’t have to become who we were supposed to be. That’s what I mean by the Lemon Generation. The losers have made their own culture. The losers have won.
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