Playboy Morning Show And Tell

By Jenn Villa

Co-hosts Andrea Lowell and Kevin Klein welcomed some moonshine makers, the owners of an oyster joint and a handful of sexy ladies this week at the Mini Mansion.

Missed out on all the sexiness of The Playboy Morning Show? Well, now you can get a weekly recap of what goes on behind studio doors right here on PLAYBOY.COM! The Playboy Morning Show is heard weekday mornings on SiriusXM Channel 102 from 7am-10am PST. Here’s what happened this week in the MiniMansion …

We came back from our Columbus Day-off to find ourselves in some legal drama! For starters, we’re not allowed to play Gretchen Rossi’s ”Magic Penis” song anymore (which is too bad – we enjoyed that Ambien-induced lullaby), and an organization called Boobs on the Move claims that OktoberBreast is copyrighted and we can’t use it! We’ve been trying to get to the bottom of it all week, so in the meantime, please continue to email your pictures of boobs and beer to or tweet them at us @PBMorningShow.

Tuesday morning Jonathan Ward stopped by…he’s the CEO and lead designer of the ICON 4×4 line of trucks. If you haven’t seen one of these BADASS vehicles, check out the FJ44 model in the October 2011 issue of Playboy. They’re custom-made, and range in price from $140,000 – $195,000. Jonathan has even designed an ICON with a heated shower in the back! If you got some money to spare, download the brochure here and start designing!

We widened the doorways of the Mini Mansion Wednesday so MMA fighter and WWE heavyweight Dave Bautista – a.k.a BATISTA - could fit through them. He’s A BIG GUY who used to be 100 pounds heavier when he was a bouncer in Washington D.C. years ago! Unreal! He told us about the time he pulled one of his signature moves the “Power Bomb” on Triple-H and wound up with the guy’s nuts in his face. (Funny, that’s one of Andrea’s signature moves, too!)  Dave has a new movie with Russell Crowe coming out next year called, The Man With the Iron Fists. It’s on our must-see list.

Bryan Callen returned to the Mini Mansion Thursday after a much-too-lengthy absence. Since we last visited with him, he’s gotten a couple of Hangover films under his belt, scored a major show on MTV, and can be seen in the movie Warrior, playing in theaters nationwide. Although secretly, Bryan admits that he wants to be a porn producer. So, Andrea showed him her boobs. Good times.

And members of the rock group Fountains Of Wayne dropped in Thursday to tell us about their latest album, Sky Full of Holes, and to help us give Playboy model Allison Sky a “boobtism.” That’s right, she has brand new DD boobs and guitarist Jody Porter christened them with holy (ok, unholy) water. We get the feeling this wasn’t his first boobtism.

We ended our short week with Friday morning drinking Moonshine and eating oysters! Master Distiller Chuck Miller of the Original Moonshine joined us in studio with Sexy Moonshine Mixologist Heather Storm. Chuck told us how his Moonshine recipe goes all the way back to his Grandfather in the prohibition era when he used to smuggle Moonshine to senators and congressmen in Washington D.C. He even informed us that it’s a fact women get horny on Moonshine! Turn on! So in order to prove Chuck right, Moonshine’s Sexy Mixologist Heather mixed some AMAZING drinks that even Chuck’s grandfather would be proud of.

The party didn’t stop at the Moonshine. We went from getting our drink on to getting turned on as Rappahannock River Oysters owners Ryan and Travis Croxton came in the Mini Mansion with oysters in hand. Ryan and Travis are dedicateoysters being an aphrodisiac, we did the only thing we do best: bring in HOT girls to eat oysters to see just how turned on they would get! Beauties Tania and Karla enjoyed each oyster in order to test their horny levels with each swallow. The end results…well we’re not sure! At the end we couldn’t tell if the girls were horny off the Moonshine, oysters or if it was natural. Oh well,  back to the drawing board!

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