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Playboy Goes to the Movies
  • April 10, 2011 : 20:04
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Oscar season always inspires an appreciation of unforgettable films. Two that fill the bill are the 1970s action classics Fist of Fury and Black Belt Jones, which also had classic promotional posters. Here are our interpretations. With high-flying help from Playmate Hiromi Oshima, we hope we did justice to the originals.

Black Belt Jones (1974)

The blaxploitation and martial arts genres came together in this story of a kung fu academy targeted for takeover by the mob. This poster afforded Hiromi the opportunity to don a schoolgirl outfit and kick some Ninja butt. We were fine with that.

Hiromi Oshima in

Miss June 2004 Hiromi Oshima is Playboy's first Japanese Playmate and one of our most popular models. Her cover appearance on the new issue of Rukus magazine is her most recent modeling coup and she’s a regular at Playboy parties and Playboy Golf events. You can get to know Hiromi better via her website and Twitter (@hiromioshima) which she regularly updates. And, of course, don’t miss all of her amazing Playboy photos and six incredibly sexy videos in the Cyber Club.

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