Playboy Retro: Ann, Man!

By Staff

<p>Ann Richards, jazz singer extrodinaire, shocked the world with her 1961 pictorial.</p>

Born Margaret Ann Borden under the always sunny skies of San Diego, California, famed jazz singer Miss Ann Richards caused quite the stir when she took it all off for our June Issue in 1961 and ruffled feathers even further when one of the photos found its way onto the cover of her 1961 album Ann, Man!

We can hardly see what all the fuss was about: beautiful, famous singer strips down in the ’60s? Sounds about right.

The following appeared alongside the salacious photo set, which you can see in full below:


Ann Richards, one of vocaldom’s most sensuous warblers, has but three things going for her in her drive to become a first-rank jazz nightingale—looks, talent, and the considerably consequential fact that she’s the hip helpmeet of one of America’s top concertmeisters, Stan Kenton. With Stan (Playboy Poll Bandleader of the Year) as a round-the-clock mentor, the development of Miss Richards from fledgling band chirper to featured vocalist to nightclub and LP star has proceeded prestissimo. Her latest disc, Two Much! (Playboy After Hours, April 1961), etched with spouse Kenton and his band, is the current landmark in a felicitous liaison dating back to 1955 when Ann (a) departed Charlie Barnet’s crew to join the Kenton contingent and (b) exchanged wedding bands with Mr. K. himself. While recording sessions do get across the point that Miss Richards boasts a substantial set of pipes, they cannot, more’s the pity, do right by the very visual assets of this enticingly-endowed lady. Never one to slight the eyes solely for the sake of the ears, Playboy herewith offers this orb-filling accolade to the charms of Ann—an abundance of Richards at work and play. 


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