Playboy Retro: Best of Brunettes

By Staff

<p>Think Playboy is all about buxom blondes? Think again. </p>

Though many people have found cause to pigeonhole Playboy as a place reserved for buxom blondes, “Barbies” in the pejorative sense of the word, we have never seen it that way. We’re about erotic beauty in every form and we certainly wouldn’t limit ourselves based on something as silly as hair color.

Karen McDougal, for instance, a brunette and certainly one of your favorites. Patti McGuire another. More recently fan favorites like Jaime Edmondson, Jessica Burciaga and the reigning Playmate of the Year Raquel Pomplun have broken the so-called mold (in more ways than one). All told, more than a handful of our Playmates simply don’t fit the fair-haired and busty build.

But, if you remain unconvinced, allow us to offer some evidence combatting that characterization that gentlemen always prefer blondes. Below you find a fine selection of brunette Playmates throughout the years (and you can find some redheads here). We’re confident that upon perusal your opinion will be swayed.&



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