Playboy Retro: Blondes of the 70s

By Staff

<p>Does the gentlemen prefer blondes? We think he does. </p>

We here at pride ourselves on paying attention. We know what you like.

As a for instance: We know that girls out on the beach, getting all dirty in the sand, is a big turn-on for you. High heels, too. And of course, our celebrity shoots always do well.

See, we know. We listen.

But above all the beaches and the busty babes, we know that gentlemen prefer blondes. And boy, do we have blondes.

The fair-haired beauties have been with us since the beginning; in fact, if you will recall, our very first centerfold was perhaps the most famous of all the flaxen females: one Miss Marilyn Monroe.

And though she came a little too early to appear in this particular edition of Playboy Retro, we’re pretty sure you won’t mind; the girls featured in this week’s gallery, all from the centerfolds of the ’70s, are sure to satisfy your sandy-haired addiction.


See their full profiles here: 1) Avis Miller. 2) Debbie Ellison. 3) Debra Jensen. 4) Dorothy Mays. 5) Elaine Morton. 6) Hope Olson. 7) Jean Manson. 8) Jill De Vries. 9) Karen Christy. 10) Cathy Rowland. 11) Kristine Hanson. 12) Kristine Winder. 13) Liv Lindeland. 14) Lynn Schiller. 15) Monique St. Pierre. 16) Susan Lynn Kiger. 17) Vicki Peters.

…or see them nude in Playboy Plus:


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