Playboy Retro: Debbie Ellison

By Staff

<p>Playboy Retro looks back to summer after the summer of love, September 1970 and miss Debbie Ellison. </p>

From the September 1970 issue of Playboy, a mere one year removed from the infamous Summer of Love, comes Playmate Debbie Ellison, a true blue flower child and ballet dancer living in Boston.


For those unfamiliar with Boston, that city’s name conjures up images of Brahmins sipping tea in elegant salons on Beacon Hill or old-lady censors clucking in righteous indignation as they pencil out passages in the latest best seller. Wrong. Beacon Hill today is populated for the most part by liberated young people, and the arts are flourishing in Boston despite the bluenoses. In fact, with upwards of 130,000 college students in its vicinity, the 340-year-old seaport has become to the East Coast what San Francisco is to the West: regional capital of the Woodstock Nation. It’s a perfect setting for 21-year-old Debbie Ellison, who typifies the diversified creativity and political awareness of her contemporaries. Debbie grooves on the ever-present contrast between new and old that marks her adopted city, but she’s been disturbed lately by the mounting tension that’s in the air: “The establishment,” she says, “seems to be coming down harder all the time on far-outs and dissenters.” She recently joined a group of students who went down to Washington to discuss national priorities with their elected representatives, and returned to Boston with the uneasy feeling that the legislators had given them the brush-off: “A lot of Congressmen refer you to their aides or have their secretaries tell you they’re not in—but they’re not very convincing.” Political lobbying, however, is only an occasional activity for Debbie…


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