Playboy Retro: Girls of Canada

By Staff

<p>Ever wonder what's so great about our neighbors to the North. </p>

From the October 1980 issue of the magazine comes “Girls of Canada,” a pictorial that shows the rare beauty of both the country and its inhabitants:


When 13 rowdy North American colonies declared their independence from England back in 1776, two others—Nova Scotia and Quebec—stayed put. ’Twas ever thus with the United States and Canada: one the fiery upstart, the other the reserved keeper of Old World values. Canadians by nature avoid fanfare. You won’t hear them bragging much, except about their hockey teams. But don’t let that fool you—they’ve got plenty to brag about. Take Montreal. Not only is it the world’s second largest French-speaking city but its French restaurants will dazzle even the epicure. Canadians are in such dogged pursuit of the good life that several provinces started a civic holiday in August simply because there was no holiday that month. We remember friends who whisked themselves away for a rather long sojourn to Canada in lieu of an all-expenses-paid trip to Southeast Asia. Gosh, were they willing! And now we know why. Phone calls up there still cost a dime. Gas is cheaper—on the average about 85 (U.S.) cents a gallon. Legal drinking age is 19 (18 in some provinces). And if you still have any doubts about the quality of life north of the border, we offer in these 12 pages (above gallery) 31 great reasons to visit Canada.


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