Playboy Retro: Playboy's Greatest Dancers

By Staff

<p>The beautiful, erotic, and supple dancers who appeared in the pages of <i>Playboy</i> are featured in this edition of Playboy Retro. </p>

It goes without saying that the women who’ve appeared in Playboy are exceptionally beautiful. But our models are also very talented. Actresses and musicians have often appeared in Playboy’s pages (think Drew Barrymore, Jenny McCarthy, Debbie Harry), but today in Playboy Retro we’re featuring girls with rhythm. It’s time to take a look at Playboy’s greatest dancers.

Sandra Edwards trained both in classical ballet and modern dance, but she ended up using her skills for something a little more stimulating than Swan Lake. Sandra performed in Las Vegas as a showgirl in the chorus lines of the glamorous 1950s spectacles. She later branched out into acting, appearing in many of the popular televisions shows of the era. Besides acting she did some modeling and landed the plum gig of Miss March 1957.

Tonya Crews is another raven-haired vision. The March 1961 Playmate of the Month was working as a dance instructor in Hollywood, dreaming of opening her own studio, when she decided to show off her fine, dance-toned body for Playboy. See what she can teach you in her classic shoot.

Jessica St. George was a born dancer. In her Playmate Interview for the February 1965 issue, she said, “As soon as I was old enough to tell my right foot from my left, my father began teaching me Greek folk dances. By the time I reached eighth grade, I already had a number of years of ballet and tap lessons behind me. I’ve never had any doubts that it would be a dancer’s life for me.” Embrace the gifts this Mediterranean beauty bares in our selections from her pictorial.


Waltz with all of these beautiful women by taking in the gallery above. It’s okay if you step on some toes; just let them lead.


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