Playboy Retro: Jenilee Harrison

By Staff

<p>Jenilee Harrison, of Three's Company and Dallas fame, shocked the world with her 1987 pictorial in Playboy, a far cry from the Cornflakes box she appeared on a decade earlier.</p>

In an issue that featured praise for the word processor, the most candid and controversial of conversations with Whoopi Goldberg, a scathing satire of the Iran/Contra affair and an essay on America’s role as a global prophylactic distributor, nothing rang as many bells as Jenilee Harrison’s half-naked pictorial tucked neatly between the Playmate of the Month (Sandy Greenberg) and an underwater photo shoot titled “Currents,” claiming to be about men’s swimwear (though we doubt many were paying attention to what any men in the photos were wearing).

A former L.A. Rams cheerleader and recurring star on hit TV shows Three’s Company and Dallas, Harrison’s shoot certainly raised some eyebrows in an age when the crossover from mainstream TV to showing some skin in men’s magazines wasn’t what you would call the norm; her shoot in our pages certainly stood in stark contrast to her appearance on a 1978 Corn Flakes box, a place that’s always been the embodiment of traditional family values.

The pictorial, half-naked or not, is hot. Very hot. Below is the original text that appeared alongside the June 1987 pictures featured in the gallery. Enjoy.

{“pbembedwidget”:“gallery”,“id”:“11633”,“size”:“large”,“alignment”:“left”} Her first boyfriend, a Valley hunk with a weakness for beauty-pageant contestants, dumped her for Miss Northridge. “I sulked for two months,” says Jenilee Harrison. “Then I decided he was going to regret it.” Today, somewhere, he does. Jenilee, determined to outshine Miss Northridge, became a beauty queen herself, winning titles that ranged from Miss San Fernando Valley to Miss Young America. Beauty-pageant laurels led to TV commercials and a stint with the Embraceable Ewes (now more prosaically known as the L.A. Rams cheerleaders). Next came several seasons as “clumsy Cindy” on the hit sitcom Three’s Company—Jenilee replaced Suzanne Somers after Somers’ bitter contract dispute with the show’s producers. Next came a role as a hooker with a golden heart in the James Garner vehicle Tank. Next came South Fork. Jenilee’s performance on Dallas as the smart, tough oil girl Jamie Ewing Barnes made her something of a star. Now comes Jenilee Harrison, 27, formerly Miss Young America, formerly the most embraceable Ewe of all, formerly clumsy Cindy and tough Jamie. Currently successful, sensational, happy—and all on her own terms. When Jenilee sets her mind to something, something definitely happens.


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