Playboy Retro: Laura Richmond

By Staff

<p>"She's got a bit of Jessica Rabbit thing going on...". Miss September 1988, Laura Richmond is the star of the latest Playboy Retro. </p>

Sometime in 1988, Playboy received a letter from a woman with stunning features, long fiery red hair and a body that would put Jessica Rabbit to shame. The letter concluded with a thought: what would it be like to pose for Playboy? In September of that year Laura Richmond found out. And the Playboy readership found Laura Richmond…


A Letter from Laura

Dear Playboy—I’m a Texan who found her way to L.A.’s Occidental College, where I study English and talk “bunny.” A couple of years ago, my best friend and I started using bunny to describe everyone—“dumb bunny,” fashion bunny,” etc. Then my boyfriend and I started calling each other bunny in that cutesy way couples have. When we broke up, I told everyone I was no longer a love bunny but a Playboy bunny. Friends gave me Rabbit Head pins, clothes, cigarette lighters—everything. Which led me to wonder what it would be like to pose for Playboy….


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