Playboy Retro: Stunners' of the Sixties

By Staff

<p>A combination of amazing photography and out-of-this-world girls gave way to Playboy Retro's Stunners' of the Sixties</p>

“Stunning” is a strange word; while it certainly evokes images of immense beauty, it also carries with it a sense of something distinctly unique. For something to be stunning it has to stand out, stand apart from everyday notions of beauty, and be bold, striking, distracting even. It has to draw the attention and ire of every other beautiful thing in the room.

We have been striving to capture that sense of stunning for years, something not so easily accomplished; for if a photo is to intern something stunning, the photo itself must also be so.

And with that we give you the Stunners of the Sixties, a sampling of both the Playmates and the Playboy photography that embodied the above notion, long before Photoshop ever became a thing.  {“pbembedwidget”:“gallery”,“id”:“14197”,“size”:“large”,“alignment”:“right”}

In this gallery (in order of appearance): Miss September 1964 Astrid Schulz; Miss August 1969 Debbie Hooper; Miss May 1966 Dolly Read; Miss May 1968 Elizabeth Jordan; Miss July 1965 Gay Collier; Miss May 1960 Ginger Young; Miss February 1965 Jessica St. George; Miss January 1966 Judy Tyler; Miss October 1962 Laura Young; Playmate of the Year 1967 Lisa Baker; Miss April 1969 Lorna Hopper; Miss May 1965 Maria McBane; Miss November 1968 Paige Young; Miss March 1962 Pamela Anne Gordon; Miss March 1966 Priscilla Wright; Miss September 1969 Shay Knuth


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