Playboy Retro: The Gamine Look

By Staff

<p>The stylish, waifish, delicate, Playmates of Playboy's past are the focus of this installment of Playboy Retro. If Audrey Hepburn or Emma Watson is your type of girl then you need to see these Playmates who capture that look. </p>

What is a gamine? According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, a gamine is “an attractive and usually thin and small woman or girl who often shows a playful desire to cause trouble.” Think of the classic waiflike beauties of Hollywood like Audrey Hepburn, Mia Farrow and Jean Seberg. Or their modern successors: Carey Mulligan, Winona Ryder, Michelle Williams and Emma Watson.

Our favorite examples of the women who embody the gamine look, style and sensibility live where all the best examples of female perfection are to be found: In the pages of Playboy. Combing through the vintage issues we found the wistful-chic babes of yesteryear for this Playboy Retro.

Actress and glamour model Cheryl Kubert was an L.A. native who established only a small body of work before retiring in the early 1960s. Her February 1958 Playmate shoot is the best place to experience this captivating coquette. You’ll be drowning in her alluring yet strangely melancholy brown eyes. Don’t fight it.

With her 35D cups, Victoria Valentino can’t really be called “boyish,” but her lithe dancer’s body, girlish elegance and playful lust for life are the essence of the gamine spirit for us. Miss September 1963 says in her bio that she paints, sings, dances, acts and plays the guitar. Take her hand as she pulls you out into the rainstorm to run through the raindrops and whisper lines from poet Pablo Neruda in your ear: “I want / To do with you what spring does with the cherry trees.”


Throughout Playboy’s history there has always been a variety of specialized Bunnies (like the Jet Bunnies). Kim Farber was a Theater Bunny who worked at the Chicago Playboy Theater box office before being called up to the big leagues to star as the centerfold in the February 1967 edition. Trim with bobbed hair, her pixie appeal is balanced by her mod ’60s sophistication. Let her take your ticket to see the real main attraction in her stunning pictorial.

Live life to the fullest with the dreamy waifs from the pages of Playboys past in the galleryabove.


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