Playboy Retro: The Girls of Fall

By Staff

<p>Vintage babes show off their beauty in  fall foliage in these classic photoshoots of Playboy Playmates.  </p>

Don’t mourn the end of summer—bikini season may be over and sweater weather begun, but knows that every time of the year has its own unique beauty. And it’s the beauties of autumns past, the Playmates of the fall, that we’re featuring in this installment of Playboy Retro.

“When Autumn turns the leaves to gold, there are few sights more stimulating than that of a lovely girl framed by nature’s glories.” This line of poetry is the first line of the biography of Miss October 1960 Kathy Douglas, whose fine brunette looks are the perfect complement to the golden browns and long shadows of a California fall day. Her bio ends by telling us that Miss Douglas is a “latter-day wood nymph attuned so acutely to the autumnal symphony,” so pack a picnic lunch and come get lost on the leaf-strewn trails with Kathy.

Now skip ahead a few years to join blonde wonder Mickey Winters in the country for a roll in the hay and an intimate walk through the landscape of rural Illinois. Mickey spent her nights working as a Bunny at the Chicago Playboy Club, but her days were for escapes away from big-city glamor. Saddle up and meet her for a horse ride; pull back and admire her tiny and perfect five-foot, 100-pound frame perched high on her favorite steed.


If this hasn’t made you forget the beach yet, then the “opulently endowed October miss” of 1965, Allison Parks, will make you thankful for brisk nights which demand flames in the fireplace, a glass of strong cider and a soft lady who needs to be drawn in close. Allison is another outdoors girl and fitness fanatic; however, she’s not entirely the down-to-earth type. Her true passion is flying high above it at the controls of a private plane. A “classically constructed” (36-24-36) strawberry blonde with gemstone blue-green eyes who has her pilot’s license? She is literally a dream girl, one who you will see in your sleep tonight.

Take in the girls of fall and celebrate your new favorite time of the year.


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