Playboy Retro: The Language of Legs

By Staff

<p>Are women trying to tell you something with the way they sit. Playboy investigates. </p>

In February of 1959, Playboy published “Girls in Their Lairs,” an exposé of sorts that blurred the line between tongue-in-cheek humor and a total misunderstanding of the fairer sex. Whether the piece was simply a product of the times or too clever for its time is a question lost to the ages, but 10 years later, in April 1969, another piece surfaced attempting, with the help of a psychologist, to determine the best approach to take with a woman based on the way she crosses her legs. Whether it’s an exact science is up for debate, but it makes for interesting reading and the pictures are, well…vintage Playboy. Enjoy:

The ubiquity of minis and micros has produced for confirmed girl watchers an abundant display of lower limbs —a utopian leggy domain that’s a far and happy cry from the days when “a glimpse of stocking was looked on as something shocking.” Now, thanks to a unique study by clinical psychologist John A. Blazer, what was only a pleasant pastime is also a useful science. How a girl disposes her legs when seated can instantly signal your most effective approach. Of the prevalent leg positions displayed on these pages, pay particular attention to the Schemer and the Philanthropist. According to Dr. Blazer, if the former dangles one shoe, she’s a delightfully incurable flirt, a veritable study in come-hitherness. But keep cool—the girl doesn’t always intend to deliver. The Philanthropist, however, digs talking and reading about sex and is apt to seek numerous love affairs, as she prefers constant sexual excitement. But we suggest you take note of them all; the next seated chick you meet may turn out to be a sitting duck for your romantic wiles.

Organizer: Neatness and order turn her on. Uncertainty bugs her, so proffer a definite date plan and stick to it. If she’s sitting pigeon-toed, she lacks confidence; build up her ego and she’ll do the same for you.

Schemer: Though outwardly well balanced, she actually feels threatened by men. This girl is ambitious and competitive. Gently challenge her to a game of gin rummy and manage to lose—you’ll win the bigger game.

Conformist: If you spot her at a party, head determinedly but quietly for her chair; she likes being told what to do, but doesn’t like to attract attention. A slow starter, once committed, she’s wholeheartedly yours.

Perfectionist: Concerned with impressions, she’s apt to be insecure and overly anxious. She sincerely enjoys helping others, so have a problem and tell her about it. When her sympathy becomes aroused, so does she.

Social Worker: She shares many traits with the Perfectionist but is even more selfless. Act helpless and she becomes affectionate and generous. If you indicate you really need her, she’ll put your interests ahead of hers.

Emancipated Woman: Independent and unconventional, she’s the epitome of the “new girl.” She digs her freedom, up-to-date fashion and faraway places. The Out Islands are in—take her there and you’ll be, too.

Philanthropist: Warm, easygoing and good humored, she’s comfortable with herself and everyone else. This romantic has a lot to give and she gives it freely. But don’t try to tie her down—she’s a lover of all men.


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