Playboy Retro: The Songbirds of Playboy

By Staff

<p>Playboy Retro features gorgeous singers Colleen Farrington, Jane Birkin, and Barbi Benton.</p>

Over the last six decades Playboy has featured countless alluring women who are also top-notch talents in art and entertainment. Actresses, painters, dancers have all posed for the magazine, as have many sensuous songbirds. It’s the beautiful women with the beautiful voices that we’re featuring today on Playboy Retro as we look back on the sexy sirens of the 1950s and 1960s.

Colleen Farrington worked as a model, actress and game show eye candy, but her main gig was a nightclub singer in the swank clubs of New York City. No matter how enchanting her voice, no one ever closed their eyes to lose themselves in the music when she crooned—all eyes were constantly on her. Farrington appeared, all in the same shoot, as a blonde, brunette and as a redhead in the October 1957 issue of Playboy. Although her spread for Playboy is delectable enough to earn her lasting fame, Farrington is best remembered today as the mother to Hollywood star Diane Lane.

Everything Jane Birkin ever sang is sexy. Even the songs that had nothing to do with sex. Even the sad songs. Already a star in swinging ’60s London, her music career really took off when she met her mentor, and then lover, the famous (and infamous) French musician Serge Gainsbourg. In 1969 they recorded the erotically charged duet “Je t'aime … moi non plus” together. The song was banned from airwaves around the world for lyrics like “Je vais et je viens, entre tes reins” (“I come and go between your kidneys”). The song also inspired the name of her 1970 Playboy pictorial, “Je t'aime, Jane,” one of the publication’s all-time classics and an eternal inspiration to all lovers of the female form.


At first glance we doubt you’d peg Barbi Benton, with her suave perfection and head-turning looks, as a country western singer; however, she recorded five country albums with several successful singles. Playboy fans may have her records, but they’re more likely to have the many issues of the magazine she was featured in. For the number of times she showed up in Playboy you’d think someone was smitten with her—well, everyone was smitten with her—but she did date Hugh Hefner for a number of years after meeting him on the set of his TV talk show Playboy After Dark. See for yourself what it was about Barbi that so captivated Hef!

Take in the gallery above and let all these legendary lookers sing their songs of love to you.


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