Playboy Retro: Tying One On

By Staff

<p>Miss August 1977 has a few tips for getting a bathing suit on (and off!)</p>

One of the more common choruses chanted by Playboy’s detractors, squared with no real sense of the sexier things in life, is that our nudity is gratuitous, naked for naked’s sake. But what they tend to overlook, or perhaps simply don’t care to see, is the systematic tackling of all society’s ills that have appeared alongside some of our more famous pictorials.

Take, for example, the below, “Tying One On” with Miss August 1977 Karen Hafter. Fashion was moving forward faster than anyone could fathom. Clothes were being made that people simply didn’t know what to do with. And we, seeing our faithful readers struggling, stepped in:


It seemed an ingenious idea for a swimsuit. A couple of bits of fabric looped here, passed discreetly through there. Less is more, as they say. But how could lovely Karen Hafter have foreseen the drawbacks? Indeed, there didn’t seem to be any—except that it did occasionally get snagged. On passers-by. Somehow, the temptation to loosen a loop here and there was greater than their appreciation of Karen’s ingenuity. That would have discouraged an ordinary girl. But Karen is obviously not ordinary. So she tried again. Simpler this time, with just one length. Down and through and around and tied neatly with a half hitch, or was it a sheet bend? Something nautical. But still not as secure as she would have liked. To give up at this stage would have been unthinkable. Did Edison give up? Did Einstein give up? Certainly not. But they were never splashed with cold water [see that in Playboy Plus]. That can dampen a girl’s enthusiasm. Enough of this, Karen decided. All that is needed is a little something behind the ear. The best swimsuit, after all, is the one you’re born with.


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