Playboy TV’s Hot Yoga

By Staff

<p>Catch Chloe Miranda's Moves on Playboy TV's Hot Yoga!<br></p>

Your girlfriend loves fall for the return of Pumpkin Spice Lattes (and deep down you’re probably excited about that too), but we know your little secret. We know what you’ve been daydreaming about all summer long when you grew tired of the girls frolicking around in their long, flowing sundresses; we know that one reason why you’ve been eyeing the weather channel, the one thing in life that gives you purpose when you brace yourself for the cold months of winter: the return of yoga pants. Oh! How divine those tight black pants look on the women around your neighborhood.

Little-known fact: did you know that yoga pants were originally invented to actually wear while doing yoga, not walking little teacup poodles? It’s true! We know, it’s hard to wrap your brain around, but girls do actually wear them inside their yoga studios, too; some even forgo the pants completely and go for the tight booty shorts so they can really be one with their bodies while they’re doing downward dog.

This month on Playboy TV we’ll be premiering our new series Hot Yoga, and we promise it’ll be hot in more ways than one. Catch our girls Chloe Miranda and Ali Rose as they learn a thing or two from our resident sexy yoga instructor Khloe Terae as she stretches and bends their bodies to the limit in her nude yoga class.

Check out the teaser below and be sure to tune in. You’ve already missed the introductory class, so be sure to sign up for Playboy TV so you can catch the rest of the sessions!



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