Exclusive Interview with Neon Hitch

By Vanessa Butler

We talk with the gorgeous Neon Hitch about life on the road, her gypsy past and what inspires her creativity.

By the end of this interview I can guarantee that Neon Hitch will be your new dream girl. She’s sexy, outgoing, hilarious and has a really nice ass, which you’ve probably already had the pleasure of meeting in the Gym Class Heroes’ “Ass Back Home” music video. This feisty redheaded gypsy is known to her friends as the girl who has been scaling the trapeze since the age of seven and will blow fire at anyone that gets in her way. Her debut album, Beg, Borrow, and Steal, produced by Benny Blanco, paints the incredible story of her one-of-a-kind life growing up on a school bus with her mother, traveling from town to town in the U.K. to perform at carnivals and circuses. “Lyrically it’s inspired by my upbringing,” says Hitch. “So there’s a lot of stories that sound fictional but they’re actually real.” When we asked her to describe the album she compared it to a good makeout session: “It’s emotional, it’s very passionate.”

After her rather rocky start moving to America on the tragic day of  September 11th 2001, Neon began cowriting alongside acts like Bruno Mars, Imogen Heap, Sia and even cowrote Ke$ha’s hit “Blah Blah Blah.” Shortly after, she signed with Warner Brother Records to release her own debut album and wrote all of the songs save for the dance-pop track “Gold” which playboy Bruno Mars helped cowrite. “It feels a bit phony singing what someone else has written. I don’t think anyone can tell my story better than I can so I think I’m best to just write my own songs. I have a lot that I need to say.”

While Hitch has been taking the U.S. by storm, appearing on The Today Show, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and The Voice while performing at Madison Square Garden and even stopping by our own Playboy Radio studios, we had a chance to sit down with Hitch in Chicago to talk about her career, her love for Playboy and what it’s like living on the road. With such an eclectic background, what kind of music did you grow up with?

Hitch: I grew up with my mom playing folk music around the fire, and my dad introduced me to Madonna and Michael Jackson. So I had like the hippie element and I had the pop element; that helped create who I am today. We love that it’s something that you can really see in your personality, the free-spirit glam pop star! What was your childhood like, constantly being on the road?

Hitch: Pretty much like it is right now! But now there are no bearded ladies or trapeze artists. When I was reading about your life it reminded me of Big Top Pee-Wee.

Hitch: Oh my god! [Laughs] How did you start performing? Where were you first discovered?

Hitch: Kara DioGuardi discovered me in America, but before that I had been a part of the hip-hop scene with The Streets and kind of an underground hip-hop artist. It’s really about who you know in the business and just through one person I met another person…it’s all about making connections. Are there any recordings of you working with The Streets?

Hitch: Well there was one video that we did together called “Derek,” back in the day. It’s so old, it’s kind of embarrassing. You know if you look at baby pictures, it’s like that when you’re listening to your old music, you just think, “OH GOD!” You were living with Amy Winehouse for a bit, right?

Hitch: She is the most beautiful human being I have ever met and just bless her, I love her. Did you guys ever collaborate together?

Hitch: Not really, we did different styles and I was off doing my own thing and she was off doing her own thing. We did a lot of jam sessions in the house, which was fun. Is there anything you can’t tour without?

Hitch: Uh…My vibrator! Absolutely. Do you get to breathe fire or do any cool tricks on your tours?

Hitch: Not this tour. I did when I was a kid, but right now I have to keep it a little bit tame while I’m doing a radio tour so I can’t. I don’t think I even could! There’s a time and place for breathing fire, and I don’t think radio is the place. [Laughs] You were on Playboy radio; did you have fun?

Hitch: I did and wow, that was the raunchiest interview ever! It was 10 a.m. and this guy was calling in talking about all kinds of sexual things, it was insane., I’m a potty mouth and even I was shocked. Speaking of potty mouth, what is the story behind the song “Fuck You Betta”?

Hitch: It’s about an ex-boyfriend who dumped me and who told me he started dating a model and I’m like, you know what? That’s fine. She’s prettier than I’ll ever be but has she got the connection that we have and can she swim through sexy black oil like this? I just wanted to make a song that celebrated my breakup rather than mourning over the death of a relationship. I wanted to have fun with it and I wanted to make a sexy video to show my ex-boyfriend what he was missing. You seem to be really open about sexuality and your body, and it’s no secret that we’re all for that over here. How important do you feel it is to celebrate a woman’s figure?

Hitch: I am all about embracing sexuality. I am a woman and whatever shape or size you are, you need to feel beautiful and be grateful for what you have. If you feel sexy, you look sexy and that’s my approach. What’s your first memory of Playboy?

Hitch: I remember seeing the magazine and thinking, I am going to be in that magazine one day. I was probably about five. I’ve always known that I’m destined to be in Playboy, that’s one of my goals. I just think the whole thing is amazing! The Bunnies living in a mansion and all boning one dude, it sounds fantastic! I like the lifestyle; I mean, I would love to be a Playmate for a day, that would be incredible. Maybe we can swap positions; a Playmate could go on tour for a day and I bone Hugh Hefner for a day. I think that would be hot! So we asked some of your fans on Twitter to send us questions they’ve been dying to ask you; do you want to hear them?

Hitch: Yes!

@Estevanc530 asks: What are three things you look for in a guy?

Hitch: They’ve got to be driven. I don’t like lazy boys, that is a turnoff! They have to be a good sensual kisser, very romantic and passionate, and I like a dude with tattoos as well.

@xo_Lisamariie asks: Because you influence me to live each day to the fullest, who is your biggest influence and why?

Hitch: In life it’s my mom because she’s such a free spirit and she’s very creative. I definitely get my creativity from her. But as far as musical influence and a woman of power, it’s my girl Amy Winehouse.

@DjAudio asks: Do you have any favorite positions?

Hitch: Dad, I hope you’re not reading this, but I like it on top! I like to be in control. Maybe I’m a control freak but I like to be more in control, absolutely on top.

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