Gets Its Comic-Con On

By Staff and Chloe Miranda took day one of Comic-Con by storm. Check out Chloe’s gallery inside.

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Every year about this time, comic book lovers descend en masse into an unsuspecting American town, video game aficionados embark on an epic journey across the country and cosplay lovers of all stripes dust off whatever furry, fuzzy or far-fetched outfit they find collecting dust in their closets. It is the great gathering of nerds, the one convention to rule them all: it is Comic-Con, and we’re in the thick of it getting our comic on.

With the beautiful Chloe Miranda, a self-proclaimed Nintendork and Zelda Guru, we took the San Diego convention floor by force on day one, tracking down some of SDCC’s best costumes and characters and getting to know the lay of the land. To say that we could use one of Chloe and Link’s patented dungeon maps is an understatement. Comic-Con is huge. It is massive. It is the mecca of every boy who never grew out of his comic collection, every girl who wondered what she might one day look like in a Wonder Woman costume. It is, in a word, a nerdfest, and it. is. awesome.

Check out all the action from Comic-Con day one in the gallery above, and to follow it live follow @playboydotcom and @ChloeMirandaPB on Twitter.

Be sure to check back next week for our exclusive video footage from the weekend in San Diego, including The Sexiest Girls of Comic-Con and our trip to the True Blood Red Carpet and party.

See Chloe dressed up as our favorite superhero…a model!


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