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  • June 18, 2012 : 16:06
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Today marks the end of our third week in this gratuitous exercise of self-discipline, rigorous workout routines and stuffing food down our throats countless times a day. Be that as it may, we’re actually only a quarter of the way through! Ah, the beauty of the P90X fitness system.

This week, we begin to shift our focus to recovery and abs; our usual Chest & Back, Plyometrics (jump training) and other high-intensity routines take a backseat. Instead, we’ll be engaging in plenty of yoga, stretching and the occasional cat-pleasing martial arts display (see Fraser below). Our editors have been working fairly hard the last three weeks, ridding ourselves of superfluous fat, toning our cores and eating like ravenous piranha, so this so-called down time will be a nice break before we step it up to the training phase next week.

While P90X is challenging, it definitely can be considered a life-changer in the pursuit of getting healthy. At the moment, there’s not one dominant factor that’s holding the team back, but you can see an energy drop throughout the group as the day goes on. Hopefully by the time we do our next check in, we will all be top of our game.

Here continues’s Death March to Fitness Glory!

Benefits: While doing this program I’ve come to the conclusion that despite the fact that I’ve resigned myself to a life of scheduled eating, I in fact am enjoying workouts and the self-perceived larger guns I seem to be sporting these days. Whether or not it’s a fantasy my mind has created to stop me from looking in the mirror about a dozen times per day, it’s a nice gesture after the excruciatingly sore muscles that make an appearance after each session.  

Failures: No matter how hard I endeavor to work out in the morning, it just never seems to materialize outside my pillow.  

Diet: I despise yolk-less eggs, not-so-secretly enjoy turkey bacon, but have found solace in an occasional toasted hot dog or burger. (Chicken, of course.)

Results: I recently decided to take up the company running club and have found that Plyometrics does have a use beyond unfair military-style torture.

Benefits: On a positive note, I’m able to do push-ups now, which aids greatly when peeling myself off the floor after Plyometrics. Weight has dropped but I’m convinced that it’s more from tear loss than fat loss.

Failures: This past week has been a whirlwind of restaurants and bars: one giant buttered bread basket of failure. I loved every minute of it.

Diet: Up until this point it was all protein shakes and egg whites. My natural instinct for gastronomical eats waned and I started craving surprising things, like vegetables. My id, realizing something was amiss, decided that couldn’t go on for too long.

Results: My resolve to win my colleagues’ money has weakened in the last seven days. But my ability to rationalize anything has strengthened, especially when it pertains to missing a workout or why a bottle of wine is a fair carbohydrate trade.

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