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  • July 02, 2012 : 14:07
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It’s been more than a month now since we began this Death March of unfortunate fitness doom, and among the five of us here at, spirits are down, motivation is low and even the prospect of minor fortune isn’t enough for us to enthusiastically dive bomb our abs into rock-hard six packs. As we continue our P90X Challenge, the initial weight loss of the first few weeks has waned to a steady pound or two per week, depending on whether or not the editors have been indulging in KFC-inspired delicacies, cheese, hot dogs or alcohol.

The next couple weeks will be the critical juncture for most of us to decide whether we are ready to admit defeat or are just getting our second wind. Stay tuned!

Benefits: I recently moved into a new place which required the heavy lifting of couches, tables and heavy-ass boxes of books. Let’s say after a month of hardcore P90X training, what could have been a torturous task turned out to be a walk in the park...ish.

Failures: The aforementioned story took place two weeks ago…my adherence to the program has been limited to less than a handful of times since.

Diet: I ate a P90X pizza last night…that is, whole wheat, thin crust, pesto, chicken, tomatoes and feta. Hey! They’re all on the approved list so back off, people! [Editor’s note: Eating an entire large pizza is not on the approved list, Michael.]

Results: Mediocre weight loss and definition for this report. But since I’ve also been running, sprinting and otherwise finding cardiovascular ways to avoid plyometrics, I think I’m ready to hit back next week. You know, now that Fraser has admitted defeat.

(Below: Compare these guns to when I first started here.)

Benefits: Few to none. The last two weeks I’ve missed nearly every workout. On a positive note, I now know what litchi sangria and guilt feels like. I always wondered what those Catholics were talking about (about the guilt; probably not the sangria).  

Failures: See above. But I resolve to ab rip, wacky jack, squat run and steam engine my ass off this week. 

Diet: If foie gras Double Downs count, then fabulously.

Results: Does anyone know if litchi sangria and foie gras complement one another? 

Click below to see where the rest of the editors are at!

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