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  • June 04, 2012 : 12:06
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My background in physical fitness is what you would call suspect, spotty at best. I hold the firm belief that athletic, laborious endeavors are best practiced from afar and at high volume on the couch with a beer, corn chips and maybe a dog.

What You Want to Achieve: $500

General Observations:  P90X is an unapologetic, enduring inconvenience on my life and has thus far been an experiment gone horribly awry; my muscles are in full revolt, my stomach longs for fried bread and cheese and my overall composure is volatile, caught somewhere between a menacing junkyard dog and underappreciated, overly armed postal worker.

When I’m not writing about all things musical, delicious and geeky, I’m taking walks to the coffee shop, record store and bar to respectively eat, buy and drink away my feelings. To add to my unhealthy relationship with food, I also date a talented chef, which means most of my meals are hard to stop eating. Because of these things, my calorie intake, along with my weight, has gone through the roof. I also have mad love for craft beer, so there’s that too.

What You Want to Achieve: I want to go into a bar where a particular musician from Nashville is playing and have his eyes on me all night.

General observations: I feel embarrassed doing Wacky Jacks in front of my cat, but I love starting off my day with such an intense workout. This first week I’ve gotten very frustrated with myself. I jog around the park by my house for half an hour to keep my heart rate up if I can’t finish properly.

I was fat, and now I’m less fat; stocky, maybe. But I’m still not in shape and I never really have been. I walk and cycle most places I need to go, but I’ve never really gone out of my way to exercise. The opportunity to do P90X with my peers has provided the motivation to finally get healthy.

What You Want to Achieve: Establish a rhythm off the top and let it carry me through to the end of the program. I don’t have specific weight-loss or muscle-gain goals. I’m more intent on improving my overall health and creating habits I can carry beyond the end of the 90 days.

General Observations: Week one has been bumpy at best, but I already feel more positive about the program and I’m confident I’ll stick with it. I’m focused on making it through the workouts the best I can and keeping morale high.


The System

P90X is a total body system incorporating high-intensity circuit weight training, cardio and plyometrics in a fast-paced fitness program that is based on the concept of muscle confusion. By regularly changing the targeted muscle groups, P90X forces your body to adapt to the various workouts and to not become “comfortable” with any one exercise. By doing this, your body will build and tone muscle faster and learn to recover quicker – as it will learn to anticipate that your day-to-day movements are unpredictable.

Want to compete with us? Pick up a P90X system yourself HERE.

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  • Yuhe
    Did this. If you[re a smoker you'll never finish
  • Anonymous
    This is brilliant guys, well done and don't give up! Hopefully you post after photos for the entire crew at the end.