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  • July 23, 2012 : 18:07
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Benefits: To say that there are benefits to squatting and salivating uncontrollably, to generally feeling uncomfortably numb would require one to have a very broad definition of the word “benefits.”

Failures: My beer league batting average has dropped off dramatically, a slide that began immediately following the switch from phase one to phase two, and I’m prepared to attribute said slide to a change in mechanics brought about by the various X themed workouts.

Diet: I’ve been on vacation for the better part of two weeks and with it so has my routine, or lack there of. Travelling along the East Coast of this great nation, I gorged. I indulged in all kinds of deep-fried goodness and felt no remorse, for either my supposed regimented workouts or the aquatic life I unceremoniously dismembered and ate.

Results: Let’s call the last two weeks a wash. I’ll Ab Ripper my way back to the top.

Benefits: I have to hand it to this program: my eating and exercising has changed dramatically. I no longer crave chips and hummus when I get home, I no longer want to spend my days off alternating between comic books and Community reruns and my dress size has actually dropped an entire size. I will also take this time to apologize to everyone who had to hear about that at the party the other weekend; I was very excited about it.

Failure: I am not doing the P90X regime as I should be. I tend to stick to a couple of the videos that I like and have completely stopped doing any others.

Diet: Last night I went and ate with the Epic Meal Time guys and the night before my boyfriend had an impromptu “Treat Yourself” night planned for me full of sashimi and wine. So you can say that I’m living a double life in regards to dieting.

Results: I know that I can be doing better, and hopefully that knowledge will gnaw at my brain enough for me to push myself harder.

Benefits: Running from the subway to work to avoid being late is less of an undertaking, I guess.

Failure: Working out. Push-ups and sit-ups here and there is not the P90X workout regime. Neither are long bike rides. Better than nothing, right? Right? It may be time to call in our drill sergeant Sec-Rev Manager, the bane of my existence.

Diet: Tired of chicken and beef, I’ve switched to turkey and seafood to hold my interest in high-protein dieting. But again, the diet has been the easiest part to stick to this whole time. Still mourning the loss of bread, though, and with a weekend vacation coming up, who knows what wrongs I’ll have to right next week.

Results: I’ve lost two more pounds, somehow. Works for me! _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

The System

P90X is a total body system incorporating high-intensity circuit weight training, cardio and plyometrics in a fast-paced fitness program that is based on the concept of muscle confusion. By regularly changing the targeted muscle groups, P90X forces your body to adapt to the various workouts and to not become “comfortable” with any one exercise. By doing this, your body will build and tone muscle faster and learn to recover quicker – as it will learn to anticipate that your day-to-day movements are unpredictable.

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