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  • May 14, 2012 : 11:05
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While we were in L.A. we ran into French electro music duo Justice on the West Coast leg of their worldwide tour. Famous for their Grammy-winning debut album †, the bad-boy poster boys of electro Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay have been touring and creating albums ever since. To find out more about Justice, their documentary film or check if they’re touring near you, go to their Facebook page. What did you guys do in the week between the two Coachella shows?

de Rosnay: We played shows in Vegas, L.A. and Oakland and then came back here. Are you on tour right now?

de Rosnay: Yeah, we're doing a West Coast tour. Did you guys like having the two Coachella weekends?

Augé: It's nice. For us it’s good because we had some small technical problems the first weekend.

de Rosnay: It’s cool to play twice in front of different people. I imagine people come to both weekends. It’s a very nice festival. How long are you on tour?

de Rosnay: Until the end of 2012. So you're not only doing the West Coast then. 

de Rosnay: We're doing the summer festivals, and then we're re-doing Europe in bigger venues, then the second half of the United States. So which cities have the hottest women?

Augé: Well, of course L.A., they just have a higher proportion of gorgeous women. 

de Rosnay: But we're married so... Is there anywhere you haven't played that you would like to?

de Rosnay: Yeah, Montreal, which we didn't get to do last year, so we're doing the Osheaga festival in August. We saw you a few years ago; it was really awesome with the visuals and the cross. Have you changed the aesthetics for this tour with regards to what happens on stage?

de Rosnay: We've kept certain elements. The ones we've kept, we've transformed them. I think when you come see us perform for a second time, you'll recognize that it is Justice, but at the same time everything will feel and look different.

Augé: There are little surprises.  

de Rosnay: And big changes! Are there any artists you would like to collaborate with? 

Both: No.

de Rosnay: There are a lot of groups we like, but we think that if you make a song and it makes you think of someone, then maybe you can collaborate, but never the opposite. We don’t really want to do collaborations and then see what happens afterwards. It’s the project that would demand the collaboration, not the other way around. Do you guys have a new music video coming out soon?

de Rosnay: Yes, we're finishing one up now. Is it with director Romain Gavras?

Augé: No, not him. We can't tell you who it is yet. What are you guys listening to on the road?

de Rosnay: We always listen to the same old stuff. We're not really discovering too many groups lately, so what we listen to stays pretty much the same. 

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    Can't wait for a new Justice album.