's Exclusive Interview with The Black Lips

By Staff

We sat down with the wild and crazy guys of The Black Lips to talk about everything from Playmates to Nasa.

While we were at Coachella we interviewed one of our favorite bands, The Black Lips. These guys are notorious for being wild party animals, and we can’t get enough of their rock star antics. By the time we got back to the office to transcribe the interview, we realized that our time with Cole, Jared, Ian and Joe was a little crazier than we remembered. They had no qualms with interrupting each other and chiming in whenever they pleased so deciphering who was saying what was impossible. Listening back on the tapes, it was like we were talking to a crazed yet witty maniac with multiple personality disorder. That being said, without the entire group the interview wouldn’t have been as hilarious as it was and we wouldn’t change it for the world.

Here’s what The Black Lips had to say about Iraq, Jim Carrey, pornstars and NASA.

The Black Lips: Hugh Hefner must be rolling in his bed right now knowing that Playboy reviews video games. Men are supposed to play with things, women!  

Is it on? Are we rolling?

What’s up!? Black Lips Coachella 2012 with! We’re jealous that Hugh Hefner gets to sleep as long as he wants! We are staying at Don Johnson’s house while we’re here and that’s no joke. No way – Nash Bridges?

The Black Lips: No, not Nash Bridges, Miami Vice! He was also Nash Bridges.

The Black Lips: Oh, okay well touché. What you doing watching Nash Bridges anyway? That was my Friday night ritual, Don Johnson and Cheech Marin back in school. What do you guys first remember about Playboy?

The Black Lips: My Friend’s grandpa was obsessed with porno. He had so much in his garage, it was like floor to ceiling, and he couldn’t get his car in there. But he always had the latest issue of Playboy in the bathroom, so that the first time I had a good look at them.

I used to go to local bookstores when I was like 12 or 13 and steal the Playboys from the magazine rack by sticking them under my shirt and then sell them to my rich friends at school.

Me and my neighbor’s, we had a community stash that was hidden in a sewer pipe in the neighborhood. We’d go down there in the woods and check them out.

My friend’s dad had a subscription to the magazine so we’d get them from him every month.

I still remember the one with Anna Nicole Smith one that was all in black and white and looked like Marilyn Monroe, it was like ’93. What did you guys do this last week between weekends?

The Black Lips: We recorded last week in LA! Have you liked the vibe of having two weekends in a row?

The Black Lips: Yeah, it has been fun, fun in the sun. So you guys are going to be releasing something?

The Black Lips: Well, as long as it takes to do it, we’re already working on it so give it a year. I mean, give or take. Who is your favorite pornstar?

The Black Lips: Sasha Grey! I like how she was able to put all of her past behind her, because you know sex is a part of human nature and if you are filmed while doing it and enjoy doing it so what? I respect that. And now she’s doing her thing and I really respect that.

I don’t really know any pornstars except for that one who had that huge scandal in the late 80’s early 90’s that had a fake ID it was a huge deal. What was her name? Tracey Lourds! That’s the only one I know.

I like Ginger Lynn. I like her mouth on big action… It always made me wish I was there. But uh, other than that I kind of like that nowadays that there are so many websites and so many young girls.

As far as playboy is concerned they had Jenny McCarthy and no offense to Jim Carrey but she’s hot. I don’t think he’d think that’s offensive.

The Black Lips: Yeah, I don’t think he’d take offense to that.

Oh, and Radiohead played last night and I saw a video of Jim Carrey doing a cover of “Creep” at a karaoke bar. It was awesome.

I heard Dita Von Tease did porno, I just thought she was a burlesque star but someone told me she did porno.

I hate Jim Carrey; I think he is the worst actor/comedian ever invented.

When I saw The Mask for the first time it was the most defining moment in my young life. I changed directions immediately. What place do you think on tour, I know it changes by night, has the sexiest chicks?

The Black Lips: Montreal, Rome, Italy, Madrid and Stockholm.

I like Japanese girls. They don’t have big voluptuous bodies but it’s cool.

They have big voluptuous bushes though.

Actually when you get down to it… Melbourne.

Yeah, I think I must’ve gotten my most 10’s in Melbourne. Is there anywhere you guys haven’t played?

The Black Lips: I want to go to Iraq. We’re going there in September. USO style?

Nope, for the kids.

We’re musical ambassadors.

We’re not playing for any army, we aren’t going to spread rounds; we’re going to spread music.

WE’RE GOING TO SPREAD LOVE! Yeah, that’s a good thing. Are you guys going to hook up with Acrassicauda?

The Black Lips: Yeah, we’re friends with them. Are they still living in Iraq?

The Black Lips: No they’re living in New York.

Yeah they don’t like what we do. They play metal music and we play punk. Is it set up already in Iraq? Or is that something on the horizon?

The Black Lips: We’ve booked shows all over the Middle East. Lebanon, Iraq, Cyprus, Egypt, turkey. It will be around three weeks. What are you guys listening to these days?

The Black Lips: We listen to Windy Renée a 60’s sax artist; she got famous because she was sampled in a Wu Tang Clan in the song “After Laughter.” Juicy J and Lex Luger Mixtape, and Riff Raff who we’re playing with on May 12th in Atlanta. I really love Riff Raff’s new music video.

The Black Lips: Yeah, it’s awesome I think it’s going to be really big in the music industry. He’s the best dude ever. I’ve been a huge Riff Raff fan forever and one night I went to my friend’s house and he has a pool and I got in the pool and then I turn around and Riff Raff was there and I freaked out so much I lost all my clothes and my phone. It was really funny. Do you guys want to talk about your new amps?

The Black Lips: They’re loud as shit. Fender made them for us. Just for you guys?

The Black Lips: No, they were designed by a couple of guys from NASA. Since they’re not doing space programs anymore there are a bunch of guys just sitting on their asses not doing anything.

Eastwood guitar custom made me a guitar it’s fucking bad as fuck.

I’m trying to get a DeArmond guitar sponsorship. What’s up DeArmond guitars if you’re listening, I wanna play them, I do play them.

Hey did you bring my Keds shoes? Did you see them?

I have a new Hofner that is so fucking loud. Did you ever see the Maxell commercial for the audio tapes? That’s my life.

You know how Spinal Tap always has to crank shit up to 11? We don’t even need to we just put it on 2. It’s fucking loud as shit. Have you ever been to the Playboy Mansion?

The Black Lips: No, but we’d love to. I think we’d fit in there very well. We’d make the Grotto grody. But we’d like to remind everyone that we’re southern gentlemen and we don’t step on anyone’s toes. Any plugs you want to make?

The Black Lips: We’d like to thank Fender for our amps. We also like to plug in our amps.

I like Marlboro cigarettes and Coors Light Beer and Charmin double ply toilet paper.


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