's Fall Fashion Preview 2012

By Staff

From new men's fashion trends and brands to the top stores taking center stage and the icons that shape the style world,'s month-long Fall Fashion Preview has you covered.

A longtime admirer and purveyor of men’s fashion, Playboy has, for generations, sought not only to define but to redefine what makes the modern gentleman. Is it the clothes? The class? A cultivated air of confidence and sophistication? Or is it simply the times? 

Fashion is the ultimate flight of fancy; its trends, intentionally so, have all the staying power of a runaway bride. It is by definition temporary in its seasonal sways, and yet it is absolute: fashion, though it is ever changing, is ever present. 

It is a wonder, then, that we do not come apart at the seams, that the modern gentlemen be asked to be both be timeless and adaptive, an au courant chameleon. On the one hand we are encouraged and in some cases expected to be a subject of the times; being a modern man entails being in touch with modernity and, with it, all the facets and fashions of the here and now. And yet we are not to be so adaptive as to be flimsy, to show a flaw of character so contrary to the model of the modern gentleman. We are at once expected to be comfortably in tune with the tide and yet confident enough to not get swept away by it. 

It is with that in mind that we bring you’s Fall Fashion Preview. It is our intention to showcase what comes next without compromising the indelible inroads already carved out for the modern man. To highlight how the times can come together with the timeless to create a look that is sophisticated, sexy and sharp without pandering to Paris runways’ choix du jour. Over the next 30 days we’ll introduce you to brands (wings + horns) and trends (mismatched patterns) to take in and the designers behind them. From new looks in denim (very dark fades) and suits (straight lines) to jackets (leather is back) and watches (big ole faces), we’ll profile what the best in the business have to offer and how it all comes together to create our bold new vision of the modern gentleman. 

Coming up this week:


The men’s guide to fall colors, from rhubarb and ultramarine to seafog and titanium.


Patterns, be they horizontal, vertical, diagonal, are going every which way this season. 


The cuts of Fall 2012 are finally getting back to the clean lines that make us look so good.


One of our favorite brands, wings + horns, looks to bring classic fits together with utilitarian style.


They say the first thing a woman notices is what you wear on your feet. With these shoes, she will. 


Style icons transcend generations. We’ll help you modernize some of these timeless looks. 


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