's Guide To Life and Style: Travel

By Tanner Cormier

Check out the travel edition of our life and style guide while you wait for Mad Men to return to the airwaves.

It’s been a long absence from AMC’s hit series, Mad Men, but the smoke is finally about to clear. Don Draper is back, and with the Season 5 premiere slated to air on Sunday, March 25th, we’ve come up with a few ways to help infuse your life with the essence of Mad Men.

We’ve touched on flux already – high times, low times – but what if the drink isn’t enough and cigars just don’t feel right? What to do then?

You get the hell out of dodge.

The reasons for a Mad Man like you to travel are numerous, but in case you’re looking for a reason, we’ve got a couple. You might call them traditional getaways. We call them last resorts.

Bon voyage!

The Unhappy Client – Las Vegas

Las Vegas is hell on earth in the best way possible. Where else would you take a disgruntled client? It’ll cost a few bucks, but with the right hotel, your client’s every vice can be satiated without leaving the block. Best part: you can leave, but what happens in Vegas…

We suggest the Palms Place Resort and Spa, located within the colossal Palms Casino Resort. It’s off-strip, but that just means you won’t have to mess with the typical tourist traps. It also gives you access to N9NE (the best steakhouse in town) and the one and only Playboy Club. It’s called Sin City for a reason.

Make your reservation here. 

What to Bring: Ray-Ban Clubmasters, to block out the sun.    

The Ball and Chain – Myrtle Beach

A punishing but necessary evil takes form in the family vacation. Tasked not only with spending prolonged quality time with your family, but also fulfilling their dreams of adventure, you might as well take it to the beach. Make that Myrtle Beach, a stretch of seaside sand so long you’ll think you’re in limbo. From there you can phone it in with sandcastles and sunset strolls. And maybe, if you’re lucky, the sound of waves crashing ashore will calm you to the point of actually enjoying it all.

The Marina Inn at Grand Dunes is very much a family hotel. That means there’s lots of room for everyone to exist, lots of activities to keep the kids busy, and at least one bar for after hours. It’s not right on the beach, but if your kids are in any way social, you can pawn them off on another family and hit the links.

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What to Bring: A Filson flask, to live through this.    

The Mistress – Hawaii

You barely survived hell, and clawed your way out of limbo. Now: Paradise. Look to the sky and fly away with your other (or other other) lady to an off-continent utopia where no one knows your name, face or familial affiliations: Hawaii. Having put not just miles, but nautical miles, between yourself and real life, you can focus on the present and finally relax in the arms and legs and everything else of your dame du jour.

Hotel Renew is a gem of a boutique hotel. Set amidst a sea of grand-stand resorts on Waikiki beach, Renew hones in on individual comforts. You’ll never go without a chair on the beach—itself something of a private affair—and drinks flow freely, beginning with the complimentary cocktail you’re handed upon arrival. The hotel lives on the Diamond Head side of Waikiki beach, nice and close to some of the best dining on the island. Not that you’ll be leaving your suite.

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What to Bring: The Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX1 and you know why.


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