's Guide To Life and Style: Weekend Wears

By Tanner Cormier

Take a look at our picks for 1960s-inspired weekend fashion while you wait for the return of Mad Men.

It’s been a long absence from AMC’s hit series, Mad Men, but the smoke is finally about to clear. Don Draper is back, and with the Season 5 premiere slated to air on Sunday, March 25th, we’ve come up with a few ways to help infuse your life with the essence of Mad Men.

As a Mad Man, you might think life is all about work; and women and alcohol. But Mad Men are workin’ for the weekend, too. And there’s no saying you can’t carry your vices over from work week to week’s end, so long as you do it in the right clothes.

It’s time for a lesson in weekend wears.

Spring is here, so you’re dressing for a Saturday social, or a late Sunday afternoon barbecue. This isn’t a get-away-with-anything weekend; these are your peers, your friends and acquaintances. You should try to look sharp (read: not dull) and you must absolutely look fresh.

Spare No Cost

Coming out of winter, it’s easy to get stuck in the neutral zone of blacks, greys and other shades of malaise. Now that it’s greener outside, it’d be wise to take a hint from nature and throw on some color. A spring-pallet button-down hints not only at a more thoughtful sense of style, but also forward momentum: you’re thinking ahead, so you’re dressing ahead. The Paul Smith plaid shirt ($220) is cut sharp and has the perfect mix of light and bright hues to keep it fresh. Set that gem atop the trim Welcome Stranger Shadow Pants ($140), a twill chino with detailing that adds modern interest to an otherwise classic pant. And to top it off, an understated but well-built A.P.C. blazer($485) as a necessary bow to formality. Arrive in it, but don’t feel bound to it at the expense of enjoying the spring breeze.

On A Budget

 For the Mad Man with his eye on the big picture rather than the finer points, here’s a comparable version of the above outfit that will fit the bill without breaking the bank. Try this combo: 191 Unlimited plaid button-down ($69), paired with Nautica twill chinos ($60) and an H&M blazer($70).

Final Touches

 For final touches, tie it all together with a Topman braided leather belt ($20) and a Ralph Lauren Irish linen pocket square ($40). The money is in the details.


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