's Guide to Lollapalooza

By Vanessa Butler

We don’t know how they did it, but Lollapalooza secured the best line-up anyone could ask for.

We don’t know how they did it, but Lollapalooza secured the best lineup anyone could ask for. They’ve got all the biggest names in music, a ton of bands doing a round of reunion shows and a slew of names that will be the big acts of tomorrow. If you can catch any festival this year, make it Lollapalooza. 

Jack White

We don’t really need to sell you on why you should catch Jack White’s act, so we’ll just take this time to watch the sexed-up music video for “Freedom at 21.” Expect guitar solos, minimal crowd interaction and the sense of just witnessing something historic after his set has ended.

Hey Rosetta!

Want to hold your summer fling in your arms one more time before the magic of the summer comes to an end? Head on down to Hey Rosetta’s set to experience the best soundtrack to reflect on all those amazing nights you spent together. Then promptly break up and head to Nadastrom’s DJ booth to drown your sorrows in the navel of whomever you’re taking body shots off.

Die Antwoord

There’s something about this peculiar South African rap group that we just love. Lots of people aren’t aware that the lead singer, Ninja, is in reality a performance artist and satirist, so maybe that’s why we just can’t stop staring at him and everyone he attracts. Get ready to be simultaneously creeped out and aroused by pixie girl Yo-Landi and have dance moves come out of your body you didn’t even know you knew.

Bloc Party

Bloc Party is back! They have a new album coming out, and despite the fact that they didn’t just reissue the cover of their album Intimacy, we’re still excited for it. Slip on your Chuck Taylors, down that domestic beer and head on over to one of the happiest sets of the fest.

Frank Ocean

We have a feeling that everyone at Lollapalooza is going to attempt to see Frank Ocean’s set so we’ll look the other way if you want to fanboy and stand your ground for the entire day to secure a good spot. We would too if we weren’t so busy doing other cool things like picking up ladies and hanging out in Chow Town.

Goose Island Brewpub: These guys are apparently serving fried chicken sandwiches with bacon jam. We can’t imagine what it looks like, but we’re sure it will taste good.

Kuma’s Corner: They make delicious burgers and donate thousands of dollars to local charities and people in need. What’s not to love about Kuma’s Corner?

Grahamwich: Grabbing a sandwich here is like eating a slice of history. Graham Elliot has been serving at Lolla for years now and was even the Culinary Director for the entire festival at one point.

Toyota Free Yr Radio: Feel like supporting local indie station WLUW while making your own leather bracelet or headband? Head on down to Toyota Free Yr Radio to check out performances and interviews by Lollapalooza artists to show your support.

Ray-Ban Presents Gallery of Legends: While you’re at the festival, why not check out some photos of festivals past? And since we live in a culture that needs to prove our life is the best, be sure to tag your sepia-toned Instagram photos with #RayBanPrint to be added to their interactive Mosaic installation.

Fender Fan Oasis: All of these musicians who are living their dreams of becoming a rock star got you down? Alleviate your pessimism by rocking out on one of Fender’s iconic guitars. Who knows; maybe Perry Farrell will hear you and set you up with your own set at the fest. That will 100% not happen, but wouldn’t it be cool?


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