's Guide to Mad Men Life & Style: Cigars

By Tanner Cormier

Check out our cigar life and style guide while you wait for Mad Men to return to the airwaves.

It’s been a long absence from AMC’s hit series, Mad Men, but the smoke is finally about to clear. Don Draper is back, and with the Season 5 premiere slated to air on Sunday, March 25th, we’ve come up with a few ways to help infuse your life with the essence of Mad Men.

The life of an Ad Man on Madison Avenue is all about flux. Triumph and failure; celebration and grief; prosperity and despair. Thankfully, for all of the above, there is liquor.

But in high times, the need arises for something more indulgent. A burning tribute to success.

A cigar.

Mad Men celebrates two things in abundance: masculinity and smoking. And for all intents and purposes, the two go hand in nicotine-stained hand. Granted, Mad Menfocuses heavily on cigarettes but being a show steeped in attitude, we’ll expand into the luxury-lined halls of cigar culture.

Ever the symbol of elite machismo and success, the idea of cigars seems to exist in a purple-hued haze emanating from behind some velvet curtain, cut off from access by the everyman. But thanks to the internet, the rest of us can enjoy the luxury of cigars without passing that heavy veil.

Wanna feel like a heavy hitter? Scroll down and spark up.

The New Account

You’ve lured a new account to the firm. It’s an occasion to celebrate, but the real work has just begun. While the creatives conjure ideas to pitch to your new client, treat yourself to a Corona, from Erin Go Bragh. These cigars are well-priced at 20 cigars to a box, and boast a deceptively simple flavor profile: sweet, crisp tobacco and sharp Irish whiskey. The 100% Dominican long-leaf tobacco (exotic without being contraband) strikes the perfect balance of bold and mild, making for a satisfying smoke that won’t leave you breathless. Available here for $49.95 

The Promotion

You’ve landed the new client, full hog. You’ve performed well, and you’ve been aptly rewarded with the highest milestone: the promotion. Now isn’t the time to party; it’s time to reflect on your success with a good cigar that will get the cogs turning: the Acid Atom Maduro. Created by Drew Estates, this cigar takes the classic tobacco flavor and runs away with it, using an innovative curing technique to infuse each tobacco leaf with natural herbs, spices and oils. Well-aged and wrapped in a Nicaraguan Maduro leaf, the Acid Atom Maduro delivers a punchy, medium-full bodied smoke with complex flavors. It’s smooth, but you’ll want to be seated for this. Available here for $147.95

The Secret Stash

Consider this piece a treasure chest for your collection of fine cigars. Never mind success or celebration, these cigars are reserved for only those moments that sneak up on you, that can never really be named or described, but require tribute nonetheless. Keep them behind lock and key, in pristine condition for whenever—if ever—they’re needed. The Versailles humidor is cedar-lined (to keep the cigars fresh) and finished in high-gloss cherry, so it’ll look great on your desk. Or under it; “x” marks the spot. Available here for $97.95 is offering our readers a 20% discount - click here to use promo code PBSTOGIE.


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