's Guide to Osheaga

By Staff

One of Canada's biggest music festivals is kicking off this friday. Prepare yourself with our list to make the three days of Osheaga your best fest experience yet.

Touted as one of the best music festivals in all of Canada, Osheaga is kicking off its sixth year with a three-day lineup that’s bound to please any music lover. With five eclectic stages catering to almost every genre of music imaginable, and the wildly gorgeous Montreal women dancing their butts off to some of the biggest names of today, it’s hard not to wonder if Osheaga is some form of heaven on earth.

Of Monsters and Men

Indie folk band Of Monsters and Men have blown up in America after their debut album, My Head Is an Animal, hit the charts with impressive positions across the board. You don’t know when you’ll get to see this band next, since they hail all the way from Garður, Iceland, so you should secure your place in the crowd to sway along to their faraway tracks.


We admit it; we hadn’t heard of Poliça before Grammy award winner Justin Vernon of Bon Iver hyped them as one of the best bands he had ever heard. Equipped with dreamy synth and remarkable vocals courtesy of Channy Leaneagh, it will be interesting to see how this experimental project performs live. Will they bring a team of modern dancers? Live painters? Who knows! All we know is Poliça can count on us being there to experience it all.


If there’s one thing we’ve learned about the women of Montreal, aside from having no qualms about wearing barely-there clothing, it’s that they love to dance to anything with a beat. We missed SBTRKT’s set when we were in Coachella (we blame it on the hot sun and the Bloody Marys at The Cantina) so catching his notorious DJ set is a must for us and should be for you too.


We feel like we need to bring another set of clothing to catch the Santigold set, since we couldn’t imagine not wearing our best outfit in front of the queen of the 2012 summer festivals. We hope that she’s able to bring her dancers to Canada, but with her midday slot we’re expecting a more stripped down, intimate show, as opposed to the antics we will witness at this year’s Lollapalooza.

Passion Pit

Count your lucky stars that Passion Pit have decided to keep Osheaga on their summer tour while Michael continues to improve his mental health. Gossamer is one of the best albums we’ve heard this summer, so expect a sea of hot and sweaty people hoping to score a good spot for their set. Gossamer is a mellow album, so you’ll find us on the mountain recuperating after Santigold’s wild set and guzzling a few beers with friends.

The Dø

Paris-based duo Olivia Merilahti and Dan Levy are the first act to reach number one on the French charts with an English album. Their music is beautiful, Merilahti is stunning and their cohesiveness is known around the world to be enchanting. Although their native tongues are Finnish and French, Merilahti sings predominantly in English, which is helpful for those who are not trilingual.

Winniburger: Serves up some of the greatest greasy snacks we’ve ever had from a truck.

Pas d’cochon: We hope these guys bring their delicious oysters to the fairgrounds because it would be classy to eat them while watching indie bands, but we’d settle for their much more informal pulled-pork sandwiches.

Grumman ’78: Tacos are delicious no matter how sober, drunk or danced out you are. Just remember to budget yourself, because these little fuckers, priced at six dollars apiece, can add up.

Take in the art: Six years ago Osheaga was a little prouder to share the word “Art” in its festival name. In fact, there was a huge makeshift art gallery set up which housed a few exhibits for the duration of the festival. Osheaga may not overly emphasize the art at their music festival as it’s evolved into something much bigger, but it still does make an effort to bring some pretty interesting pieces made by local artists to its grounds.

Chill with some groundhogs: You may not be able to do this anymore since the place is jam-packed with numerous “VIP-tweet to win-holy crap there’s a huge car advertisement” kiosks, but in the music off-season the home of Osheaga is a park called Jean Drapeau. When the festival was still in its infancy, concertgoers were able to take in the scenery and the animals who call that plot of land their own. If you see some groundhogs by the waterfall, feel free to take Instagram photos to send to your girlfriends, but don’t try and have a heart-to-heart with one because it might bite your face off.

Pose for some photos: If you’re a hot girl and want to be on, hopefully you’ll run into one of our cameramen who are scoping out the festival for the cutest and most stylish girls to appear in our Osheaga lookbook.


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