's No B.S. Father's Day Gift Guide

By Staff

Stockpiles of ties and socks can burn. This year, get your father a gift worthy of the role he's played in your life, whether you have to take out a second mortgage to afford it or not.

It’s that time of year again, sons. The one time of year you must heap accolades on the man who made and shaped you by showering him with gifts that give physical form to your love and admiration for him: Father’s Day.

Chances are his collection of neckties, polos and macaroni-coated picture frames reached critical mass years ago, so there’s no reason we can’t collectively raise the bar a little and give the man something he can be proud to say his kids gave him.

If you’re caught saying, “It’s the thought that counts,” you’re doing it wrong. Abandon practicality and allow AWESOME to take control. For good measure, here are a few ideas to get you started.

Logitech Harmony One Advanced Universal Remote Control

It’s not exactly new to the market, but it’s hard to improve on perfection. Logitech’s truly universal remote gives you one-touch access to every part of your entertainment arsenal. Equipped with an LCD touchscreen, your dad will be toggling between activities (TV, Blu-Ray, gaming) without a thought for which remote does what (because it replaces as many as 15 of them). And he’ll never have to call you to switch the input setting ever again. Finally, one touch is always enough. $200

Custom Scotch Blend

This may not be for the real experts out there, but for fathers who like to explore a glass of scotch with a little novelty thrown in for flavor, is the place to go. Mixed and bottled in Scotland from a curated collection of local blends, this ingenious service allows you to approach your custom scotch like a lab experiment, starting with flavor descriptions like Smoke on the Water and Vanilla Fudge. Throw in custom branding and you’ve got a gift that’ll give even the grouchiest dad something to chuckle about. $55-100 per bottle

Supercar Tours

A present in hand is great, but there’s nothing quite like the gift of a unique experience. The tastiest scotch is, after all, just a bottle of scotch sitting on the shelf. Meanwhile, the chance to drive some of the most beautiful cars known to man is exhilarating, ephemeral and, therefore, unforgettable. You can choose to drive on a track or in a tour, but no matter what happens, it’ll likely be a once-in-a-lifetime deal that’ll always lead back to you. $400+

Beverage Air Two-Tap Kegerator

Any man can buy a keg and tap it. Not every man can invite his buddies over for a few pints of well-selected microbrew refrigerated below a stainless-steel counter and professionally pulled from built-in taps. But with a little penny-pinching, you can make your father that guy. And just think: free pints at every Sunday dinner from here on out. That, my friends, is return on investment. $2900

Superyachts Rental

Travel, as we know, is another one of the great human bonding experiences. But who needs a road trip when you can follow the coastline south on a superyacht? Sure, you’ll need the resources of a Russian oligarch just to keep it afloat, but who’s thinking about that right now? Just imagine the look on Dad’s face when he sees you motor up in a 120-foot monster boat (and how many woman you can take back to it on your sea-borne adventures). $3250+ per head, per week

Take the father-son bonding a step further with Debaucherous Father-Son Activities.


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