's Ultimate Touchdown Party

By Staff

Everything you need to host the ultimate Touchdown Party!

At the bottom of the Super Bowl’s version of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is the female gender. Girls are essential to any great party be it birthday (Marilyn in a cake), wedding (bring on the bridesmaids!), or bachelor parties (need we say more).

With this we figure that even if the electricity goes out, you run out of food, or your drunken friends knock over the 80” TV, you will be guaranteed a good super bowl party…the girls will just have to do without the usual football.

If you want to see more of these sexy cheerleaders, come back tomorrow for our full Super Bowl coverage and check out their Road to the Big Game video HERE.

After reaching the required female-to-male ratio of 5-to-1 in Step 1, the next essential item to make game day a success is the technology. We’ve labored long and hard to find the largest big screen (that you can find in stores) without breaking the bank. Presenting the 80” SHARP AQUOS!

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Audi’s 2012 #SoLongVampires Super Bowl Commercial

From Audi of America

E*Trade’s 2012 Super Bowl Commercial

From ADS Weekly

Go Daddy’s 2012 Super Bowl Commercial (HOT!)

From Elite Commercials

Acura’s 2012 NSX-Seinfeld Super Bowl Commercial

From Acura

Hyundai’s 2012 Rocky Theme Super Bowl Commercial

From GartnerHyundaiSaab

Volkswagen’s 2012 Star Wars Super Bowl Commercial

From Volkswagen

Honda’s 2012 Ferris Bueller Super Bowl Commercial

From Honda


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