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Playboy's Best Bars 2013
  • June 20, 2013 : 07:06
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In this era of hand-carved ice, house-made bitters and $50 shots of microbatch bourbon, it’s hard to get anything approaching a bad drink. We’re thrilled about that, but the downside of the cocktail revolution is too many cookie-cutter pseudo-speakeasies lorded over by know-it-all mixologists who’ve replaced simple drinking with too much thinking. To cut through the pretense, we perched on stools across the ­country--at old standbys and groundbreaking ­newcomers--to bring you the best bars for your buck.

Two bartenders from pioneering speakeasy Milk & Honey, Sam Ross and Michael McIlroy, have taken over, changed its name to Attaboy and loosened the joint’s proverbial tie (no more house rules, no more reservations). Drinks are crafted with surgical precision and served without stuffiness. Order a Tommy’s No. 2 (which uses both tequila and mezcal) or a well-balanced, whiskey-based ­Penicillin.
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