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Playboy's Fall Style Guide
  • September 16, 2013 : 15:09
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Scroll through your Facebook albums from 2009; we'll wait. Did you cringe when you saw yourself in skinny jeans? Good, now don't make the same sartorial mistake this fall. Fashion trends are for the guys who use the term “YOLO.” You are a man—you trust in the classics. There's a reason peacoats, saddle shoes and varsity jackets never go out of style and that's because women throughout the ages have preferred men who dress well. Without fail, we trust in the heritage brands Woolrich, Brylcreem and Cole Haan and, for a modern touch, newer brands that combine innovation and craftsmanship, such as Shinola and Shwood. One piece from any of the aforementioned makers has more style than an entire outfit uploaded to social media and tagged #swag.

Launch Gallery

You've seen our picks for 10 brilliantly classic pieces to own this fall, but if you're looking for some instructions on maintaining that look from head-to-toe, check out this brilliant behind-the-scenes video.

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