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Playboy's Style Icons
  • August 28, 2012 : 17:08
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A new breed of gentleman is setting the standard for how to dress: he's decidedly masculine and he isn't afraid to spend a little extra effort or money to look his best. Here are the new style icons and how to get their look.

The Bespoke Bruisers

Tough Guys Who Know How To Wear A Suit

These men have two things in common: They’re perfectly fit, and their suits fit perfectly. (No point putting in time at the gym if you’re not going to show it off.) While the average guy doesn’t have a wardrobe stylist at his disposal like A-list actors and athletes do, we’re fortunate enough to live in an era when designers are cutting their suits slimmer. And a leaner, meaner look can come in handy at the office or on the town.

How to Get the Perfect Fit

Not all 42 regulars are created equal, especially when body types run the gamut from gym-toned to supersized. Getting the right fit is a multistep process that’s well worth the investment.

Shoulders First

The point where the padding meets the sleeve seam  should end where your  shoulder ends. Get this  right in the store, and  you’re on your way.

Slim the Sleeves

Here’s where the tailor comes in. The sleeve should break just above the wrist joint and leave half an inch of shirt cuff exposed. Slightly taper the sleeves if they look too baggy.

Get Waisted

Alter the jacket to nip in slightly at the waist for a cleaner, leaner silhouette.

Cover Your Ass

Pick a jacket that hangs no lower than your balls. Your legs will look longer. You’ll look taller.

Chop Trou

Take in the trousers to fit comfortably at the waist  without a belt.

Break it down

Hem the pants so they just  hit the top of the shoe. Slightly taper the legs so they don’t flap around like Hammer pants.

Photo: Gamma-Rapho/Getty Images

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  • David
    Trousers, belt, and a shirt. A nice pair of shoes, and, ofcourse, socks. That's how's an add off these or infact this. Need I say wear, to not go commando; You are mighty surprised?
  • Anonymous
    james's smile always amazing!