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Playboy's Style Icons
  • August 28, 2012 : 17:08
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The Real Rock Stars

They Own The Streets The Way They Own The Stage

Over the years, “rock and roll” has been used to describe a look that often veered a bit too costumey (Cee Lo Green channeling Mad Max; Elton John channeling himself). Today it means wearing something with a little attitude (leather, dark sunglasses and a well-chosen hat)—a performance these musicians have mastered and anyone can pull off.

John Varvatos’s 3 Rules for Dressing Like a Rock Star

Menswear designer, Fashion Star mentor and hard-core audiophile John Varvatos designs clothes that help mere mortals channel their inner rock god and actual rock gods achieve sartorial splendor. (Artists from Iggy Pop to ZZ Top have appeared in his ad campaigns.) Here are his rules for dressing like a rock star.

Embody It

“Not everybody has a rock-god body—most rockers were rail thin—so the most important thing to think about is what’s going to look good on you. You need to be comfortable with what you’re wearing. Not a lot of guys can show up in a top hat like Slash does and not have everybody laugh at them. Swagger is key.”

Invest in a Classic Leather Jacket

“The best leather jackets are the ones that feel as if they have a history to them, like they’ve been around forever. You want one that will feel just as relevant when you pull it out of the closet 10 years from now. ”

Don’t Skip the Shades

“Sunglasses give an air of intrigue and inaccessibility. I’m writing a book for HarperCollins about rock and roll in fashion, and there’s a quote from Patti Smith where she says her sunglasses are such an important part of her look that she couldn’t conceive of going onstage without them any more than she’d go onstage without her guitar.”

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  • Anonymous
    james's smile always amazing!
  • David
    Trousers, belt, and a shirt. A nice pair of shoes, and, ofcourse, socks. That's how's an add off these or infact this. Need I say wear, to not go commando; You are mighty surprised?