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Playboy's Style Icons
  • August 28, 2012 : 17:08
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The Alpha Artists

Casual, Creative, In Control

A true artist tells a story even when he’s not on-screen. These actors wear classic clothes with a weathered look that speaks of experience and a life well lived.

The Art  of Dressing Down

Casual can be creative with classic clothes that have a sense of history.

Oiled Suede Jacket by Rogue, $695.

Button-Front Vest by John Varvatos, $498.

Arkansas Boots by Frye, $298.

Knit Caps by Block Headwear, $38 

Bandana Print Scarf by John Varvatos, $198.

Photo: Getty Images

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  • David
    Trousers, belt, and a shirt. A nice pair of shoes, and, ofcourse, socks. That's how's an add off these or infact this. Need I say wear, to not go commando; You are mighty surprised?
  • Anonymous
    james's smile always amazing!