Playmate Gift Guide

By Playboy Staff

Some of our favorite playmates have banded together to help you pick exactly what you need to get your girlfriend.

Your girl is your personal Playmate. She’s fun, loving, gorgeous and has a knack for posing perfectly when she’s sprawled out barely nude, waiting for you to come to bed. With a girl this perfect, you can’t screw her Christmas gift up! Luckily, you’ve got the real Playmates to help you pick out the perfect gifts to ensure you will be showered with affection for the rest of the year. All you need to do is match your girlfriend’s personality with one of the Playmates below. Really, what would you do without us?

I’m the certified holiday freak! I keep secret lists of what people mention they want all year just for Christmas! This year I’m asking for yummy-smelling products like the ones you find at Lush. MMM!

Well, you’d obviously want to get her a portable Sirius XM radio and subscription so you can always listen to my show on Playboy Radio! She may even learn a thing or two from the Playmates!

A trip; in the long run I would much rather be taken on a trip than material presents…I prefer the memories and quality time together over physical presents!

A pup from the pound! No girl is ever unhappy with a new pet, or maybe that’s just me?

Anything Louis Vuitton! You can’t go wrong with any of it! It’s my absolute favorite, but any kind of purse or shoes would be great. Women love both!

If I were her, I’d want a new lingerie set. You can never have enough!

A new pair of designer sunglasses and a copy of my amazing book, Treat Me like Your Car, for her stocking.

Nice luxury lingerie like Agent Provocateur. I love lingerie, but they are very expensive if you get the whole set. And not only will your girlfriend enjoy it, you both can!


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