Playmate of the Year 2014 Kennedy Summers Joins the Ranks of the Hottest Women in the World

By The Editors of Playboy

<p>The living embodiment of everything Playmates have glorified through the years—brains, beauty, sex, style—Kennedy Summers is your 60th anniversary PMOY</p> <br><p></p>

The Mansion regulars are out  in full force today with everyone from Hugh Hefner to Playmate of the Year 2013 Raquel Pomplun on hand to congratulate the newest woman to join the Playmate of the Year family, Kennedy Summers.

While Kennedy needs little help getting ready for an event like this, it is still a long and arduous day for the pre-med student; just check out the gallery below. It’s not all limousine rides and relaxing spa days for the newest PMOY. Oh wait. Yes, yes it is.

Check back regularly as we bring you updates from the mansion as the party heats up.



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Playmates Cover Image from left to right: Kassie Lyn Logsdon, Kimberly Philips, Raquel Gibson, Tiffany Fallon, Jamie Edmondson, Heather Rae Young, Dani Mathers, Kristen Nicole.

“Doesn’t ‘Dr. Playmate of the Year’ sound awesome?” says Kennedy Summers. It sure does. For our 60th year of publication we wanted our PMOY to have it all, and Kennedy has it in spades. Not only does she possess off-the-charts pulchritude, this brainy bombshell has degrees in anthropology and health administration, with a Ph.D. in medicine on the way. The Berlin-born, Virginia-raised international model first submitted pictures of herself to us online from her then hometown of Chicago, which happens to be Playboy’s birthplace. “I had decided I was done with modeling and thought becoming a Playmate would be the most amazing way to finish out my 12-year modeling career,” Kennedy explains. Although her adventures in front of the camera had taken her to Europe and Asia on all kinds of hot assignments, she’d never posed nude before she walked into our studio. Sixty years to the month after Marilyn Monroe appeared on the cover of Playboy, Kennedy became Miss December 2013. But your votes—and Hef—wouldn’t let that be the end of Kennedy’s modeling days. “I’m Playmate of the Year now?” she says, her robust lips curling into a broad smile. “Did not see that coming!” Since our new PMOY lists travel as one of her ultimate pleasures, we wanted to gift her with a most extraordinary trip for her next shoot: a time-traveling journey through each decade of our existence. “It was a crazy, sexy, fun flight,” she says. So buckle in, turn the page and take off.

THE 50s

Midcentury America had the squeaky-clean image of Ozzie and Harriet until Hef, hip-swiveling Elvis and the Kinsey Report (Sexual Behavior in the Human Female) pulled the curtains back on that farce, revealing us all for what we are: creatures of desire and curiosity. Here, Kennedy channels the 1950s aesthetic like the pro she is. “I really like that 1950s housewife look,” she says. “I don’t fit that personality type, but as far as the style goes, it’s beautiful. And I like curvy women. It’s the opposite of men, and it’s also very healthy. I feel really sexy in these outfits—especially the thigh-highs.” As hipsters said in the 1950s, out of sight!

THE 60s

“I love how women looked in the 1960s,” says Kennedy. “I think it’s my favorite style. I want Bardot bangs!” Channeling Brigitte—our onetime cover girl—Kennedy sweeps us back to the era of swinging London, microminis and the Chicago Playboy Mansion, epicenter of all things cool. Norman Mailer (one of the many literary luminaries who filled our pages at the time) said of the latter, “It was like being on a spaceship, outward bound.” Blastoff!

THE 70s

Inspiring this stop on our journey is Laurel Canyon, the Los Angeles enclave that was the center of the 1970s California music scene. Fleetwood Mac, the Eagles and Joni Mitchell all made their mellow magic in these hills—not far from Playboy Mansion West. “I completely relate to this decade’s aesthetic,” says Kennedy. “Its peaceful, laid-back vibe, with light makeup and loose hair, is so me. And the whole burn-your-bra thing was happening back then. I hate bras!” As President Jimmy Carter says in his 1976 Playboy Interview, “I’ve looked on a lot of women with lust.” You said it, Jimmy.

THE 80s

Wet, wild, decadent and glam, it was a decade fueled by clubs, drugs and designer duds (until the duds inevitably came off). Ronald Reagan was president, MTV was born—and so was our 2014 PMOY. Clad in only a fishnet tank top, echoing Miss January 1980 Gig Gangel’s Centerfold onesie, Kennedy also sports slicked-back hair reminiscent of the models in the video for Robert Palmer’s song “Simply Irresistible.” Which she is.

THE 90s

American women fully owned their sexuality in the 1990s and photographer Helmut Newton shot them for Playboy, capturing their power and allure in a new way. Wearing a Jean Paul Gaultier leather-and-steel bustier and a “Justify My Love”–style cap, Kennedy poses with a take-no-prisoners attitude, a salute to the legendary Newton. “I feel in charge,” says Kennedy. “It feels really powerful. You can’t wear spikes on your boobs and not feel really tough.”

THE 00s

Through the decades, a great part of Playboy’s undertaking has been to celebrate women, from Marilyn Monroe to Pamela Anderson, Cindy Crawford to Crystal Hefner. Now it’s Kennedy Summers’s turn to take center stage, in all her voluptuous and brainy glory. “As 2014’s Playmate of the Year, I’m moving from Chicago, where it all began, to Los Angeles,” she says. “My mission is to help Playboy thrive, as it always has, to break boundaries and carry us into the future. I couldn’t be more excited!” Neither could we.

Styling Emma Trask for Opus Beauty; Hair Roque for Tracey Mattingly Agency; Makeup Jo Strettell for The Magnet Agency

Kennedy Summers first graced the pages of Playboy Magazine as Miss December 2013. With her striking five-foot eight-inch bombshell physique and her smarts—she’s a pre-med student!—it wasn’t hard to tell that we had a star in our midst. Check out her full gallery in Behind the Scenes. We’re sure you’ll agree.

Even directors have to choose their favorite photos. Can’t be an easy job, but we have very little sympathy. Check out Kennedy’s full gallery in Director’s Choice.

If you didn’t think Kennedy Summers was perfect from every view (you may want to have your eyes checked), Luscious Candy may change your mind.

Some would say that Kennedy Summers in nothing but black lingerie in front of a pure white background is what dreams are made of. At least the kind you wish would come true. Take a look at her full Wonderland gallery.

As the Playmate of the Month for December 2013, it only seems right that Kennedy would star in Holiday Honey. In red lingerie and little else, Kennedy Summers is the present we all want to open on Christmas morning.


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