Meet Miss Social June 2011

By Staff

“Hopeless romantic” Rachael Morgan has achieved her dream of posing for Playboy.

We’re back to heat up the end of your summer even more with the second installment from Playboy’s June Miss Social shoot. If you thought last week’s photos were sexy, you’re in for a real bikini-themed treat this week!

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Every month, Playboy’s Miss Social contest asks you, the fans, to vote for a fresh, sexy, approachable girl and give her the privilege of posing for Playboy. You haven’t let us down yet, and in June you really outdid yourselves with Grand Rapids, Michigan native Rachael Morgan.

“My family, friends and fans inspire, motivate and encourage me to keep my hopes and dreams achievable,” Rachael says on her Facebook page. “They are a constant reminder to me that nothing is unobtainable.” Thanks to you, the voters, Rachel’s life-long dream of posing for Playboy has become a reality. Her ideal man is someone with a great sense of humor who is also confident, humble, fun and adventurous. “I am a hopeless romantic and need to feel an instant connection. When I get that nervous, euphoric feeling with butterflies in my stomach, I just know they are the one!”

Want more? “Like” our Facebook page and check out hundreds of hopefuls who are vying for the August title. One of them will follow in Rachael’s footsteps, and it’s up to you to decide. Remember, if you don’t vote, you don’t have a say in which sexy, fresh face poses for us next!


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